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The Worst Stumbling Blocks Complicating the Objective of Multichannel Fulfillment in Retail

The Obstacles against Multichannel Experience in Retail

Multichannel fulfillment in Brick-and-Mortar Retail environment is more necessary, these days, than ever before. However, achieving this objective appears to be an increasingly difficult task due to lack of infrastructure, converging technological sophistication and various shopping channels, both offline and online. The process of converging should be done in a way that it ultimately delivers seamless experience to users, who can be shoppers, store employees or decision makers. While over 50% of retail store owners and shoppers are convinced that implementing multichannel experience in retail will make things more gratifying for customers and other types of users alike.

The new age retail owners and aspiring strategists, thus, need to know about the biggest blockades that deter the objective to attain multichannel fulfillment in retail.

  • Deal with Data: Data! Data is the key to understand customers and the primary factor when it comes to providing users with seamless, constant access to required information through one or more than one channel, if they prefer. According to the recent estimation, over 86% enterprises are facing real difficult times in successfully implementing versatile requirement of multichannel marketing, thanks to lack of infrastructure. In many cases, retailers, despite having adequate infrastructure, are finding it difficult to get over data silos and eventually, the goal of converting data to useful customer insight remains a mirage.
  • Keep Open the Attribution Faculty: Keeping ready with marketing attribution tools is one of the strongest foundations for successful multichannel marketing. While introducing sophisticated technological infrastructure is a must for preparing multichannel attribution faculty, on the other hand, retail stores lack qualified human resource support in keeping a careful watch over functioning of in-store smart algorithm. The multichannel environment should be able to help customers with finding the right product at the right moment. Multichannel attribution platform has the capacity to deliver pan-enterprise inventory visibility to customers.
  • Multichannel Is Nothing if Integration is not possible: You have the necessary infrastructure to collect data, you have developed your very own analytics system, yet there is no concrete solution in integrating data from marketing channels and analytics. Absence of this facility handicap retailers in defining key performance indicators and evaluate individual performance. The onus is now on retailers that they leave behind the traditional, vague methods of measurement and opt for technologically advanced, performance driven multichannel ecosystem.

Multichannel Retail Platform

Multichannel platform has not only made Shopping easy for Customers by attributing it with unprecedented dynamism, but also has helped modern retail to take a strong leap towards getting rid of compartmentalization. Now shoppers can enjoy the same multichannel mobility that ecommerce platforms have to offer in brick-and-mortar environment. This is the kind of fulfillment that every retailer should aim to achieve but the goal can be reached once the above mentioned obstacles are understood, acknowledged and necessary actions are taken as per requirement.   

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