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Healthcare Technology – Transforming the healthcare journey of doctors and patients

When it comes to healthcare, there is always room for improvement with regards to making the entire system more patient-centric. Healthcare technology truly possesses the potential to transform the entire healthcare journey of doctors and patient alike. Comfort and convenience are aspects that people forever seek throughout their healthcare journey. After all, everybody deserves a healthcare experience that is luxurious. Innovation and enhanced patient experience are areas that all healthcare organizations aspire to excel at. People generally get easily perturbed and confused during their trip to a hospital. It’s the age of automation today, and high end healthcare solutions is the need of the hour. Here are a few ways healthcare technology can truly augment doctor and patient experience.

Transforming the healthcare journey of doctors and patients

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can truly bring about jaw dropping opportunities in the medical field. Not only does it assist doctors to carry out complex procedures with ease, but also ensures that patients receive flawless treatment. For instance, virtual reality in healthcare can allow doctors to plan heart surgeries in advance. VR can turn simple CT scan images of heart and lungs into virtual 3D interactive objects. This will give doctors a chance to completely examine a patient’s anatomy before making any incisions. This considerably reduces the chance of committing errors and ensures that patients receive care and treatment of the most precise and elevated standards.

Artificial Intelligence

There is truly massive scope for artificial intelligence in healthcare. Artificial intelligence goes well beyond traditional analytics and offers invaluable insights to humans. One area that AI is bringing about a revolution in healthcare is in the management of electronic health records. AI helps in eliminating the lengthy clinical documentation procedures amidst other mundane and routine functions that are prevalent in organisations. AI powered voice recognition interfaces not only reduces human labour, but also ensures error-free documentation. Although there are few studies which indicate that voice recognition is prone to error, it has to be understood that it’s still early days. Fixes are bound to be made and all existent glitches will be negated. Overall, Voice recognition in EHR has the potential to take clinical documentation to the next level.

Data Analytics

Data analytics can catapult healthcare technology to a realm that is beyond common comprehension. Both healthcare providers and patients can benefit from the power of data and data analytics. Predictive analytics makes use of the data gathered from various electronic health records and other resources and provides unprecedented insights to doctors and clinicians. Data analytics enables doctors to track the spread of diseases, which helps them determine a proper treatment plan for their patients. It also helps them predict disease outcomes and recommend personalised medication. Data analytics also helps health providers track patient trends. For instance, data analytics can help track the most favourable time for appointments in the day. Early intervention and disease prevention any day scores over proper diagnosis and treatment. Data analytics makes it all possible. 


This is another artificial intelligence powered phenomenon that has the potential to completely automate the entire scheduling and billing operations in a healthcare system, thus reiterating the power of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Patients don’t like being on hold for long over the phone or wait in long queues to schedule their appointment or pay their bills. An automated process would not just be time-saving, but also hassle-free. Chatbots are like digital health assistants, with whom patients can simply chat with and get their bookings scheduled. Chatbots are widely expected to be the solution of choice across healthcare organizations in the time to come. It truly is a healthcare technology marvel.

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