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Tickto’s E-prescription Application – Enhancing health outcomes with Deep Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

There is no denying the bulk of data that is available in healthcare today. Data analytics and machine learning in healthcare is what allows the derivation of meaningful insights from this available bulk of data. When it comes to determining the effectiveness of machine learning, it has to be understood that more the data, better the results that will be yielded. Now where does all this data come from? If labelled data streams are to be looked at, we will see that all the data comes from an array of disparate origins such as – research & development, physicians & clinics, patients, health providers, pharmacists, etc. The real challenge today lies in effectively collecting data from different origins for better analysis and synchronising this information to produce results that can improve healthcare infrastructure, treatments, medication, etc.

Tickto’s E-prescription Application - blog

‘The Tickto Way’ – Deploying deep intelligence and analytics to make the most of available data

At Tickto, we deploy medical artificial intelligence as we collate various computer techniques to perform clinical diagnoses and facilitate treatment. With predictive analytics, we use technology and various statistical methods to search through the massive available bulk of data, and analyse it to predict outcomes. We analyse data-sets from various electronic health records and provide power and intelligence to doctors, as they redefine quality care through clinical-precision and personalised medication. Our intelligence detects meaningful relationships in a data-set and helps in the prediction of possible results.

Data analytics in healthcare and machine learning is transforming healthcare like never before. The intelligence we deploy assists doctors like never before as they can now recommend relevant medicines, investigations to perform, etc. while writing the first e-prescription for their patient. This not just makes life easy for doctors as all recommendations comes automatically on the e-prescription dashboard, but also enhances the levels of diagnosis and treatment.

E-prescription dashboard – Recommend investigations, Link medicines, Predict outcomes, all from a single consolidated platform

The lives of the doctor-patient-pharmacy trio has changed from yesteryears. What used to be a highly time-consuming, mechanical, and prolonged process now happens in a mere few touches, let alone minutes. Yes, we are indeed talking about medical prescription generation, and pharmacy orders. Tickto’s EHR services also comprises of highly advanced electronic prescription services that has transformed everything, from prescription generation to medicine ordering. E-prescribing enables an electronic generation of a prescription order which can then be digitally sent to the pharmacy. This means that physicians and other practitioners can now directly transmit the prescription to a pharmacy directly from the point of care.

Now the Tickto e-prescription dashboard does not only just allow the writing of prescriptions. Rather, it assists doctors in formulating a prescription that is complete, precise, and error free. This is where the intelligence and analytics comes into play. For instance – if the doctor selects a particular medicine for prescribing, automatically the doctor will be able to view a list of other recommended medicines that should be or must be prescribed as per requirement. The same applies to when a doctor is prescribing an investigation, where he can view a list of other recommended investigations that may be prescribed. Similarly, the doctor can receive filtered recommendations if he is writing a prescription by taking into account a particular disease. For instance, if someone is suffering from diarrhoea, then the doctor will get recommendations regarding diarrhoea related medicines, as well as investigations.

These recommendations enable doctors to formulate a prescription that is complete and precise. It also ensures that doctors don’t miss out on any medicine or investigation, which he might otherwise forget to prescribe or might just skip his mind at the time. Tickto’s e-prescription dashboard powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning certainly elevates the levels of care provided to patients, as well as reduces the work effort of doctors.

What brings about these recommendations?? Let’s find out…

The treatment plans for patients is generally prepared based on patient information and their past medical history. Tickto’s e-prescription platform powers doctors, physicians and care-givers to make more informed and precise choices with regards to devising treatment plans. Powered by predictive analytics, the patient’s prescription and treatment plan is based on patient population cohorts. This enables physicians and doctors to quickly determine the prescription/ treatment plan for a patient based on medical history and demographics.

Let’s look at the following instance for a clearer understanding. Suppose a patient, recently diagnosed with a particular condition, belonging to a certain age, race, sex, characteristics, walks into the clinic. Based on the patient’s existing conditions, past medical history, and medication, a search is conducted to find out patients that exist within the same population cohort. Based on these determinants, a list of the various treatment plans given to these patients can be analysed by the doctor, from which he can choose and determine the best option for the current patient.

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