Increase Engagement levels across channels

Provide the perfect incentive to invest in the purpose of a Blockchain

Tickto tokens helps provide the perfect impetus that encourages a disparate group who are unaware of how to organize themselves or trust each other around the overall purpose of a specific Blockchain. The overall endeavour is to considerably improve the overall levels of efficiency and interoperability of healthcare services by effectively combining healthcare and Blockchain. Tickto token is at the epicentre of this endeavour as it is equipped to be put to use as the transactional medium of choice.

Extend the overall basket

Create attractive crypto-economics model to incentivize health data exchange

At Tickto, we understand the significance of delivering highly trusted medical data at the right time in the right hands. The primary focus lies in effectively collecting and securing data of people, by instilling a comprehensive sense of security among them. The main priority though is the creation of attractive crypto-economics models, that will encourage health data exchange for all parties concerned. Strategic alliances with healthcare organizations, hospitals, and doctors will allow the acceleration of health-records-modernization.

Expand Cross Category

Build a holistic network of healthcare services

The convergence of healthcare and Blockchain technology under one roof is definitely a promising sign for future healthcare delivery. Tickto tokens will allow the foundation of a holistic network of healthcare services, especially in the field of medicine. This will help find the best methodologies that will deliver top-notch health outcomes to patients suffering from life-threatening diseases across the world.