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Tickto Proximity Sensor: One Beacon to Rule Them All

Tickto Proximity Sensors are on the rolls! You talk about comprehensive Proximity Marketing Solution, inventory management, real-time updates about campaigns, in-store product promotion, footfalls, rate of customer engagement and conversion, Tickto sensors are ready to deliver the relevant raw data and analytics report, whenever it is necessary.

Tickto Proximity Sensor

The year 2015 has widely been predicted to emerge as the year of smart tech boom. Among all the important developments, the three most conspicuous ones would be increased mobile payments, cloud computing and beacon usage. Retail industry, for the sake of customer convenience, is trying to combine these three different domains of future-smart technology and deploy it to provide comprehensive proximity based solution to both customers and retailers.

Thanks to all these factors, the beacon market, throughout the world, is witnessing a revolution. Interestingly, the inspiration for beacon revolution is derived from the specific standard parameters introduced by iBeacon from Apple. This improvement occurred almost a year back and several vendors have started selling beacons under the ‘iBeacon’ label. But, not every beacon is an iBeacon and neither the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) makes an iBeacon.

What is an iBeacon?

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology integrated
  • Universally unique identifier pre-loaded
  • Requires a compatible app or an operating system for tracing and delivering notifications
  • iBeacons, as per manufacturing vendors, may vary in shapes and sizes
  • Power efficient feature of the iBeacon saves users from worrying about quick battery draining issue
  • 100 milliseconds advertisement intervals, which means notifications can be fired to targeted users 10 times in every 1 sec.

Why Tickto Proximity Sensors are ready to dominate?

  • Easy Deployment: Tickto proximity sensors are battery powered and this feature makes these devices easy to deploy in-store. The usage of superior BLE makes these proximity sensors last longer on battery than the competitors, already in the market. Many vendors are there, promising you yearlong battery longevity. Such claims are impractical, impossible. 
  • Efficient Advertising: Beacon running at a stretch for a year or two without changing battery is an ideal situation. The battery consumption issue largely depends on advertising interval, which means the frequency of signal emission from beacon. The latest change in iBeacons’ signal firing has been increased to 100 millisecond, whereas most beacons work fine at 600 to 700 milliseconds (means once or twice max in 1 sec). Tickto’s superior technology gives you the freedom to control signal emission frequency. Based upon promotional requirement or customer footfall in-store you can increase or decrease the frequency.
  • Quality: Tickto proximity sensors contain advanced build quality, in terms of PCB (printed circuit board), antenna design, primary chip, and battery connector.
  • Build Quality of the PCB: The build quality of PCB has an important role to play in determining battery life of beacons. Tickto uses intelligent, of the shelf PCB designs which adds to longer battery life and uninterrupted performance of beacon.
  • BLE Chipset: BLE chipset works as the heart of any beacon. That’s why Tickto proximity sensors contain the best (as per industry standards) chipset nRF51822 from Nordic.

A few of those brands, rocking the beacon market are, Estimote, Lightcurb, Kontakt, Glimworm etc. Tickto Proximity Sensors are all set to join in the group and lead the market. 

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