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The last leg of FMCG: Tickto Changing the Lanes

Tickto set to help small retailers for better supply chain management

Tickto Inc., a rapidly growing, proximity marketing solution provider, is moving beyond the boundary of brands and high-end departmental stores to small kirana stores and small/mid scale retailers. The state-of-the-art technology that Tickto uses, can be seamlessly integrated with the POS (Point-of-Sale) devices, only to ensure that suppliers continue receiving real-time data, concerning product demands at stores.

The small retail (kirana) market of India functions as one of the biggest global channels when it comes to delivering FMCG products to customers. Unfortunately, the market is managed inefficiently. The absence of a flexible and well managed supply chain system often plagues the owners of small retail businesses. While proper management of the supply chain in the vast and expansive Indian market relies largely upon timely reception of the right information, on the other hand, the lack of infrastructure restricts manufacturers, wholesalers, even distributors from receiving the relevant information. In this way, they hardly have any other option except relying on older data and decide the course of action, based on the same. The process becomes even more complicated if the business owner has to manage data from different stores, located all over the country.

Tickto mPOS Device

How is Tickto making the difference??

  • Tickto lets the FMCG companies to connect with distributors and retailers. It helps them obtaining real-time information about the product demand. Accordingly, they may plan on the right course of action in making the supply chain management more effective.
  • Tickto provides constructive insights over developing business transforming strategies from last-mile-connectivity.
  • Tickto’s exclusive cloud storage platform empowers FMCGs to receive better visibility of their sales network for better forecasting.
  • Digitization of the entire process, starting from receiving orders, store inventory management to payment receiving.
  • Banks, through this system, receives the access to check retailers’ credit eligibility. Alongside, retailers also enjoy better connectivity for networking.
  • Every time a retailer entries information about items sold, the data gets stores in Tickto’s exclusive cloud centre. In there, the data is automatically analyzed and delivers the FMCGs with hands-on information about movement of their products.
  • FMCG manufacturers enjoy the facility to deliver information concerning promotional offers to retailers.
  • Through Tickto, retailers receive detailed, day-to-day information about their stock, items sold and stocks that need replenishment.

Tickto Changing the Lanes for FMCG companies:

The Deloitte (2010) report, on one hand, provides quite an optimistic picture in terms of the immense opportunities that are yet to be explored in the Indian FMCG industry. Alongside, it also warns that without active participation of the FMCG players to improve the infrastructure the opportunities will be widely lost. The 12th Five Year plan has shown significant attention in overcoming the limitations, especially improving the supply chain management, by investing $ 1 trillion. The lack of planning and transparency in supply chain management is not only curbing manufacturers, distributors and retailers from exploiting the true potential of the industry but also standing as a major obstacle in catering customer satisfaction. Tickto’s unique and contextually aware features, such as real-time data visibility, in-store inventory management, and digitization of the entire process starting from ordering to payment has actually marked the beginning of a transformation that the Indian FMCG industry did not experience before.

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