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In this ever-changing retail environment coupled with soaring customer expectations, the implementation of fruitful strategies will be the key for retailers. Through their retail operations, retailers will look to provide the best they can to meet all customer needs and demands. The objective for all retailers is quite similar – increase revenue by expediting sales
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Pop Up Stores, also known as temporary retail or flash retail opens up a plethora of opportunities for retailers to generate buzz for their brand and boost revenue. Being short term sales places, pop up stores come with limited commitment and minimum costs. It's a handy way for retailers to discharge innovative & experiential marketing
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pop up stores

Retail Analytics is the future of the Brick-and-Mortar world. The Retail world is steadily adopting the Retail Technology with Big Data solution to increase sales, which is by 73% as for now according to a recent analysis.   Common Challenges faced by Big Data:   Predicting consumer behaviour has now become a difficult task after
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