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For the last few years, online-only retailers have flourished beyond belief. Brick-and-Mortar has taken a beating indeed, but the tides might have just started to turn. Brick-and-Mortar has been down, but certainly not out. It's not that customers suddenly are bored of shopping online or from their mobiles. It's just that, a huge plethora of
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brick-and-mortar store

The rapid and recurring advent of social media has enforced retailers to adopt to social listening. With more number of people flooding social media by the day and the diminishing effectiveness of traditional market surveys and data collection methods, retailers now understand the significance of resorting to social listening. Let's have a look at some
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social listening in retail

Customer Personalization is the art to perfect as far as the modern day retailers are concerned. The advent of deep learning algorithms from the tech giants has ensured that big data is being used more than ever before to power customer insight into retail. But predictive analytics has been in use since decades. It's the
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Artificial Intelligence Retail

The Internet of Things is a digital age technological marvel that is revolutionizing the customer-retailer relationship. The customer's inclination and dependency on the Internet have opened up new realms of business opportunities for the retail sector. With the primary objective being the enhancement of the customer's shopping experience, businesses can also simultaneously levitate their profit
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Leaving behind the traditional model of product promotion is a big decision for shopping malls. Smart technology and social presence …

Why Shopping Malls Should Go Social

This paper takes a plunge at explaining a new method that increases the possibility of receiving in-store recommendations automatically …

Receiving Recommendation via mPOS