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Brands and retailers across the globe, extensively seek to leverage proximity marketing solutions to further their business ambitions. Beacons and its’ implementation is no longer a new entity for retailers. Yet, a lot of them have failed to maximize the potential of proximity marketing. A lot of retailers have still not found a proper way
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The primary objective of most offline brands and retailers today, is to provide their customers with a unique in-store experience every time they walk into the store. It’s the only way they can compete with their online competitors. Marketing is one of the main factors that plays a role in how the customer experience in-store
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Even after all the hype created by online retail, the fact remains that a lot of people still resort to shopping in Brick-and-Mortar stores. To ensure that this remains a phenomenon for the ages, retailers will have to continue personalizing the in-store experience of the customers. The only way retailers can consistently do this is
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Retailers have already shifted to a customer-centric approach of marketing. The product-centric approach is no more viable. This is because of the rising expectations of the consumers of their retailers. Consumers want retailers to anticipate what they want and would like them to communicate the offering in the most pertinent way possible. In this case,
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Why Should Retailers Deploy Beacons?   The promise of the beacon is exciting. It can communicate with Beacon enabled device (like your smartphone). In Retail store, it can thus be applied to know when and where a customer is in your store via your in-store app in their mobile. So, you can understand the hype
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Tickto iBeacon Technology: Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds (An Infographic Presentation)! Beacons have the potential to change the definition of our daily lives as they seamlessly connect digital to physical experiences. There are already over 700 million existing iBeacons in the form of Smartphones, 82% of smartphones users turn to their phones to influence a
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Traditional physical stores are finally getting the required technology boost to meet the changing demands of modern-day smartphone using customers. Even when tech-savvy shoppers are looking for products in a physical store, on-the-fly data is extremely significant for pampering your buyers with a custom shopping experience. Customers need to know exactly what personalized retail offers
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The older paradigm of retail is changing fast, thanks to smart technology and increasing number of people embracing it. Customers, these days, are …

Tickto Beacon Transmission

A store may contain all items that customers need for their daily requirement but such extensive effort would go in vain if …

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