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‘Customer is the king’. Surely, a lot of brands and retailers live by this mantra these days. Just like retail personalization, more the quality of personalized care, and assistance provided to customers, higher the chances of attaining customer loyalty for life. Brands and retailers know for a fact that elevated levels of customer care can
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In this ever-changing and competitive retail scenario, retailers are constantly looking to acquire an edge over their competitors. Retailers must implement multiple aspects of significance as a part of their retail operations to avoid being behind the eight ball. Few of them being omnichannel retailing, data-driven marketing, etc. However, retailers do recognize that the most
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The year 2016 has been quite a turning point for the retail sector. Brick-and-Mortar is very much alive and will be in the time to come. Last year, retailers found unique ways to cater to the in-store personalization needs of the customers. The retailer’s ambition along with the rise of technology has taken retail marketing
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