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The involvement of drug therapy in the modern-day hospital outpatient visits is truly enormous. When it comes to the emergency department, this involvement is even more. The amount of drugs dispensed in hospital outpatient and emergency settings is growing by the day. The pharmacists in hospitals have their work cut out as they have to
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Hospital Pharmacy – Artificial Intelligence to improve drug information searches

We are all aware of how technology in the form of healthcare data analytics has been powering care and treatment accuracy for quite some time now. Personalized medication is a term that has been reverberating in the healthcare sector all along. Well, things just got a little better. While personalized medicine is good and invaluable,
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Precision Medicine – An essential cog in the healthcare wheel

The healthcare industry is currently going through a phase of rapid transition. The emphasis well and truly lies on providing improved care and outcomes, at reduced costs. With smarter times and smarter technology, even consumers have turned smarter. Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with the limited healthcare choices that were historically provided
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