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The popularity of wearable devices is surging by the day and adding to the immense opportunities that healthcare technology in the modern day has to offer. As per a study conducted by Statista, the amount of connected wearables is expected to reach to a billion devices by the year 2022. The wearable technology is still
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Obstacles and Possibilities of Wearable Devices

Beacon Technology appears in a list of vertical markets accompanied by a constant expansion of its usage. With countless possibilities to explore in the in retail, education, manufacturing, its use in healthcare units is comprehensive and revolutionary.   Some of the major challenges faced by the healthcare units, even today in India include-   Admission
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beacon technology in hospitals

The prospective benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) are almost immeasurable and IoT in healthcare applications are altering the method we work and live by saving quality time and resources and also by creating new means for growth, improvement and knowledge creation. The commercialization of the healthcare industry is mounting with such a pace that
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IoT in healthcare