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Retailers have a lot on their plates to look after. Their obvious objective is to meet customer demands always and provide the best in-store experience throughout the customer journey. For this to happen, brands and retailers need to have live, real-time behavioral insights of their shoppers while they are in-store. Based on the insights, they
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In-store analytics

You have a large Retail store, a Brick-and-Mortar one, with a plethora of products to sell. From fresh vegetables, fruits, grocery items, kitchen utensils, baby products, toiletries, beauty products for women, books and DVDs, and what not! Though you have every product for your customers under one roof, sales figures are not that impressive. You
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retail analytics

Today, when competition is highly aggressive, one of the primary goals of all Brick-and-Mortar Retailers is building customer loyalty. That’s because it is easier to retain your existing customers than obtaining new ones. What is customer loyalty? How retailers can build it? In the ever-evolving competitive world of retail, the importance of evaluating in-store performance
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Customer Loyalty

Workforce is the key to unlock the scope and set the business on the path of seamless success. Workforce analytics, for retailers, is the smart way …

How Workforce Analytics Helps