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Over the last decade and a bit, nothing has evolved at a pace like retail has. The whole breakthrough of e-commerce literally turned the whole face of retail upside down. The comfort and convenience of shopping online meant that the brick-and-mortar store was quickly losing out on its’ charm. These offline stores have taken a
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brick-and-mortar retail evolution

Every retailer aims to make data driven marketing decisions, and wants to enhance the overall personalization levels in store. For this, they need to know their customers inside out. Customer behavior analytics allow retailers to get a clear understanding and knowledge about their customers. Relevant insights allow retailers to gain a competitive edge as they
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customer behavior

Even a few years before, retailers were facing a tough challenge when it came to analyzing customer store insight. To capture a better view of customer in-store behavior, several tracking technologies are being adopted by the retailers. This allows retailers to understand the traffic pattern into their store, empower in-store marketing, schedule store operation, manage
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customer tracking technology