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Artificial intelligence in healthcare has already made rapid strides with regards to contributing to the innovation and automation aspects. The future holds even stronger potential as AI looks to completely alter the face of modern healthcare. Today the role of Artificial Intelligence is kind of constricted. For instance, technologies such as advanced data analytics tools
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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Prospective Future Beckons

Beacon Technology appears in a list of vertical markets accompanied by a constant expansion of its usage. With countless possibilities to explore in the in retail, education, manufacturing, its use in healthcare units is comprehensive and revolutionary.   Some of the major challenges faced by the healthcare units, even today in India include-   Admission
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beacon technology in hospitals

"Please Visit Again" – these three golden words are randomly used by almost all service provider, except Medicare units and hospitals. But with the introduction of beacon technology, you too can make your patients visit over and over again. Your patients too like other service provider, shall be loyal and come to you each time
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beacon in healthcare units