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Artificial intelligence in healthcare and its’ potential to truly transform the industry is now well-known to all organisations and businesses globally. With hardware improvements and more advanced algorithms, it just gets better every day, so much so, that it can easily learn, predict, and advise based on huge amounts of data today. The potential of
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The potential of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

The advent of healthcare technology over the last year has seen a lot of progression in the healthcare sector in 2018. Truth is, people now are more tech savvy than ever before and this trend is likely to continue in the coming year. Technology makes life of patients easier, and healthcare providers who don’t focus
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Looking Ahead 2019 - healthcare technology

The involvement of drug therapy in the modern-day hospital outpatient visits is truly enormous. When it comes to the emergency department, this involvement is even more. The amount of drugs dispensed in hospital outpatient and emergency settings is growing by the day. The pharmacists in hospitals have their work cut out as they have to
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Hospital Pharmacy – Artificial Intelligence to improve drug information searches