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Survey Shows!! Shoppers Welcome Smartphone Alerts, More than You Imagined (An Infographic Presentation)!

Imagine a situation:

You have entered a retail store and immediately your smartphone starts vibrating. Why? Several numbers of product and promotional notifications are being delivered.

How would you feel about this sudden improvement? Would you be interested? Would you find it disturbing? Would such notifications be interactive enough to drive you to finalize the purchasing decision? 

Mobile Shopping Alerts In-store

The basic rule of business promotion specifies that owners should learn to see things from customers’ perspective first before they plan the best way to promote the services. Now, as a retail business owner, can you really afford to offend customers by delivering notification alerts, overtly? Proximity Marketing may have taken care of delivering the right promotional content in digitized format to the right customers’ smartphone at the right time but how much would they appreciate such effort? Would they find it resourceful?

Tickto has conducted an extensive survey with the aim for finding the actual answers to these questions. Results of the survey reveal that new-age shoppers are actually ready to welcome smartphone alerts and the rate of readiness is way above of what business owners had imagined. Not only smartphone notifications have helped customers with better brand awareness but also provided retailers with better understanding of their purchasing preference over a period of time and significantly improved customer engagement.

According to the survey report,

  • Over 67% of all customers, habituated with shopping in a retail environment, have received smartphone alerts, based on their purchasing history, during the time frame of past 6 months.
  • Among 67% of recipients, 81% have carefully read the notifications delivered.
  • The best part is 79% of the notification followers have found such alerts helpful and they have opted for purchase, at least once, after going through the content.

In addition to this bright picture, there are certain areas that retailers should be providing with attention that is more constructive. Upon questioned about the reasons that made them ignore shopping alerts on smartphones,

  • 41% specified notifications not relevant as per their shopping interests
  • 37% of them did not find notification content resourceful enough, and
  • Only 16% alleged that such alerts are annoying

Introducing multi-channel and personalized shopping experience in retail store is clearly a massive channel but that is the strongest option retailers can opt for when it comes to matching the increasing popularity of ecommerce websites.

Take a look at the following infographics to find a more detailed and interactive approach at the subject concerning customers’ preference of smartphone shopping alerts: 

Smartphone Alert for Shoppers Survey Infographics

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