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The Role of Store Associates in enhancing in-store engagement of customers

Retail is continuously evolving. To keep up, brands are constantly looking to innovate, and come up with better strategies. In-store engagement of customers is one of the things that they look to enhance through the various strategies they undertake. The number of shopping options for customers today is endless. The modern-day customer does not necessarily need to visit the brick-and-mortar store to shop what he wants. So, whenever it is that they feel like visiting the stores, retailers should ensure that they are always engaged while inside the store.

Elevated level of customer engagement is the key to an enhanced in-store experience. In-store associates and staff play a massive role in enhancing customer engagement. Whether it’s through personal interactions with customers, or deployment of technology, these associates need to be properly trained and empowered. But first, let’s understand why in-store engagement is important.

The Importance of Customer engagement in-store

Customer engagement in-store is important as it can be beneficial to both the customers and the retailers. The combination of data analytics and real-life customer service allow retailers to create a sense of value among the customers. This makes the customers feel in awe of the in-store experience they receive. Once they are engaged, it also makes it relatively easier for the associates to offer their assistance and services to them.

The biggest importance of in-store engagement is that it makes a lasting impression on the minds of the customers. This helps retailers and brands acquire customer loyalty. This allows retailers in maintaining consistent in-store traffic as the customers keep coming back to the store. It also helps them acquire a new consumer base as more people start showing interest in visiting the store. Overall, customers who are engaged feel that their times spent in the store is completely worth it. From the retailers’ perspective, higher the levels of customer engagement, more the chances of customers spending money for purchase.

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Training the Store associates

Customers look forward to great customer service from the store associates when they walk into a store. That is only possible if the associates are well equipped with product knowledge, customer information, and the use of technology. Brands and retailers must understand that the associates in-store must be well trained and groomed in advance so they can provide the best in-store experience to customers. Customer interaction is an art. All associates must be trained on how to interact with customers of various personality traits at various times of their shopping journey. Not all customers have the same temperament and hence they should not be interacted with in a similar tone or style.

It’s not just personal interaction that comprise the overall customer service. Technology has a huge role to play as well. The store associates should also be aware of how to handle and deploy technology if they are to enhance the in-store engagement of the customers. Starting from mobile POS, and smart technology devices to determining the past purchase history of customers with the help of analytics to provide personalized offers, and recommendations, the store associates should have sufficient knowledge and expertise in handling them all. A well-trained store associate will always ensure that there are optimum levels of customer engagement in-store, thereby fostering the chances of increased sales.

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