customer location with Geofencing

Detect customer location with Geofencing

Geofencing tracks customers by determining their smartphone location with the help of GPS, Wi-fi and BLE signals. Know when customers enter, leave or are around the virtual perimeter of the store. Also understand their proximity from a particular object, person or Point of Interest.

Interact Customers

Interact with the customers in the vicinity via Location-Based Marketing

Enhance customer personalization by resorting to extensive micro-location marketing. Based on their location, customers can be prompted with tailored offers, personalized recommendations, and hyperlocal deals in the form of push notifications on their respective smartphones.

Indoor Navigation

Enable Customer Convenience with Indoor Navigation

Save customers the trouble of getting lost or exhausted while in-store. Proximity Sensors deployed within a store or around a mall enable customers to use indoor navigation and find their products or stores with a great deal of ease.

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