It is imperative to provide customers with an integrated and personalized shopping experience across different platforms. Tickto's customer analytics provides data driven customer insights that help deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to customers. Leverage customer behavior analytics data to respond to the dynamic shifts in customer preferences through omnichannel marketing.
Increase Engagement levels across channels

Increase Engagement levels across channels

The insight provided by the customer analytics data can be used to engage customers through relevant messaging. A unique interaction with every customer can be triggered on the basis of past customer behavior trends, purchase behavior, marketing priorities, etc. An effective omni-channel strategy engages customers with the right offers at the right time. Customers can be engaged on their smartphones with personalized offers and recommendations in the form of notifications.

Extend the overall basket

Extend the overall basket value during real and virtual footfall

Tickto customer analytics offers behavioral insights about customers which can be used to increase their overall basket value per visit across different platforms. Identifying the customers' price sensitivity behavior and their underlying product adoption propensities are the key. This will enable retailers to drive sale by incorporating dynamic pricing strategies and by sending customized offers to their customers respectively.

Expand Cross Category

Expand Cross Category and Cross Brand Purchases

Identify customer purchase behavior and their lifestyles across various stages with the insights provided by the consumer behavior analytics data. Make use of these insights to increase the overall cross category / cross brand purchases by expanding range category, brand penetration and by accelerating new product adoption.


Reduce churn rate and regain customer loyalty

Predict the customers that are likely to churn by recognizing their disengagement levels. The determination of the right mix of offers along with the correct channel strategies can help in re-engaging these customers, thereby reducing the chances of churn and regaining customer loyalty.

Tickto Customer Analytics 'HIGHLIGHTS'

  • Customer Segmentation:
    Increasing revenue by classifying customers into homogenous groups on the basis of historical data and demographics.

  • Propensity of Campaigns:
    Enhancing the overall effectiveness of campaigns Market Basket Analysis: Analyse the influx of in-store information and identify product affinities easily.

  • RFM Analysis:
    Determine premium customers by examining the recency, frequency and expenditure levels of a customer purchase.

  • Churn Rate Prediction:
    Identify the customers with the probability of churn and retain them with relevant and targeted offers.

  • Recommendation Engine:
    Understand the best deals to offer to customers with the help of collaborative filtering technique.

  • Geo-Location targeting:
    Identify the customer's proximity to the store for triggering relevant offers and promotion on their smartphones.

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