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Smartphone Promotions: 5 Technical Treatment for your Retail Store

Mobile is becoming a strong platform for Personalized Marketing. If you wonder why mobile? There are heaps of favorable arguments that your handset has already pocketed. If it is a smartphone, every 7 out of 10 is its active user and the user rate is almost 100% for normal phones. But when we talk about marketing, even a normal handset can be of great use.


  • Establish the Direct Line

We talk to mobile more than our friends and family. We love to socialize. We put LIKE in friend's Life Event but fail to arrange any time when we are invited to attend the event.

This is how most of us are living today. So, at this stage, the only friend with whom you are loyal to is that little device in your pocket. So, mobile can be the best biggest platform if you are looking for product marketing. This is the direct link, as you can get a hold of them wherever and whenever they are. If your customer is enjoying a holiday, it is obvious that he will not access his email. But he will carry his phone. So, why not text him rather than emailing him? You can catch him anytime and announce your new launch or product promotion.


personalized mobile marketing



  • SMS Sales are Better than Offline Sales

According to a recent study, only 4.3% of the leaflets or promotional pamphlets gets a proper response, whereas 19% of the mobile users hit promotional SMS and react accordingly. Maximum promotional calls are cold calls and so are of no use.

If you are thinking of email, most of the regular email users get promotional emails in bulk, which goes to the Trash without even 1 view. The main reason is the lack of customization and global sales strategy followed by many advertisements companies.

But SMS, if delivered in time, can be of great help to the production company. If your offer has the power and is really of any use to the customer, be sure to get countless hits.


  • Value the Speed

How much time do you expect your pamphlet or leaflet will take for a proper delivery? At least 2 days? But with the SMS marketing, you can send your store information to your clients in just 2 seconds. So, which one is better? Also, SMS cost is much less than that of pamphlets and leaflets, and can be delivered only to target customers. SMS service is thus a more organized method of marketing


  • Relation Development

One of the most important marketing strategies is developing personal relation – showing your care and concern for your customer. The best way to strengthen this relation is by remembering every little life event of your customer. Mobile Analytics can help you in knowing the personal details of your customer like – Birthday, Marriage anniversary, Childbirth, New house etc. This is an excellent moment where you can offer any personalized product discounts to make your customer happy.


Retail Analytics can help you in getting a fair idea about the customer's buying experience and offer products accordingly.

Suppose, today is a marriage anniversary of your customer, you can offer some gift ideas for his/her better half. If your store is tickto beaconinStore Retail Analytics enabled, you can easily know how much discounts you can offer for products and then text your customer accordingly to enjoy great sales.


  • InStore Retail AnalyticsWhy?

If you are in Brick-and-Mortar business, in-store retail analytics can prove its usefulness to you. With the use of beacon technology, you can easily assume your customer behavior in your store and hence can customize your offer and services to boost your sales.

Smart Shopping Experience for your Customers:


Let us assume you own a multibrand retail outlet and let Miss. X be your customer. She walks into your retail outlet, passes by the Apparel and Food counters and then stops at the Electronic department for some time, checked few pop-up toasters and then move off. Then she bought few regular household items and then head for the invoice counter. From this, you can assume that maybe she wanted to buy something, but due to lack of proper in-store-assistance, she moved off.

With your instore analytics, you can get the features of few pop-up toasters in your store and provide them to Miss. X by means of Bluetooth service. Give information like –


  • Pop-Up toasters are now on 40% discount (Mention the brands of your store)
  • Only last 52 pieces are left.
  • On buying the toaster within 3 days, you can enjoy the facility of our Shop's Customer Loyalty Card which will offer a discount off additional 5% on your next purchase

It may interest your customer and you can enjoy the sales rise.


So, you see it is not that you have provided anything extra, it is just the right information on right time ie. Customer Insights. These were the general retail offers and information of your store, which could be provided at ease. But maybe your salesperson was little busy looking after other customers when Miss. X was moving out of your retail.


To avail this super-tech benefit, you need in-store-installation like Tickto environment and Mobile Apps (which is important in anyways for a better marketing of your retail). Bluetooth, as we all know, is a FREE means of communication that are being smartly used in the beacon technology to serve a better and improved client-customer relationship. With the help of the mobile apps, the customer can generate the in-store-offer information and respond accordingly.

Installation of Wi-Fi system also boosts the connectivity if you have launched the mobile apps. It will also help your online marketing and set a customer-friendly environment.


If you have not installed it yet, you better do it now to get a great sales increase. Technology in 2016 has many tech goodies to offer. It is YOU who should take the ultimate decision to get a better ROI. After all, it is only YOU who will care best for your Retail Business.

About Ajay Hirawat

Ajay Hirwat has 5 + years of experience in Program Management and has been the Key Contributor of success at Marque clients of Tickto. He has been involved in the development and making sure that product works as promised. An BE ( Hons) from CSVTU, Chattisgarh, Ajay started his career with Maketick as an QA Analytic and grew through the ranks to become a Lead in his current role. He shifted to Tickto from July, 2015 and since then has been integrally involved with key customer accounts.

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