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Retail Customer Care Trends: Driving Loyalty by Enriching Customer Experience

Customer is the king’. Surely, a lot of brands and retailers live by this mantra these days. Just like retail personalization, more the quality of personalized care, and assistance provided to customers, higher the chances of attaining customer loyalty for life. Brands and retailers know for a fact that elevated levels of customer care can yield significant profits for a long time. In more ways than one, the kind of customer experience that customers are subject to depends on the quality of the customer care service that has been provided to them.

As per data from the ‘Harvard Business Review’ report, one of the most crucial factor for driving customer loyalty is ‘reduced customer effort’. The customers who enjoy the best experiences are likely to spend 2.5 times more than the others. Retailers who can provide the best customer care service to the customers – in terms of it being fast, convenient, and, seamless, stand the best chance of acquiring competitive advantage. Here are a few customer care trends that help enhance the customer experience and drive loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence – Saving time for Customers and driving Brand Loyalty

The concept of artificial intelligence in retail has been reverberating for quite some time. Slowly but surely, it has developed into a massive technological force that is redefining the face of retail. At least with regards to customer care it is. Customers expect quick fix when it comes to solving basic problems and inquiries. Artificial intelligence enables retailers to provide this solution in the quickest and most convenient of ways through the ability to replicate human intelligence. Retailers can resort to AI to solve the basic problems of customers such as product and billing inquiries, order status, etc. The most common use of AI that retailers can make is by implementing the use of chatbots.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Besides, implementing AI technology makes a lot of sense. Not only is it fast, but it’s also cost effective. Deploying human resources for solving basic customer problems does not guarantee pace, and can be unnecessarily expensive, not to mention cumbersome. For brands implementing this technology for the first time, it would be wise for them implement AI automation for the simple and basic tasks first. The human deployment can be done for more complex operations. Overall, AI can help brands exceed customer expectation by delivering excellent customer care service and lay the foundation of long term brand loyalty among customers.

It's the Mobile Age & Customers love to Text

The role of mobiles in shopping is not a secret anymore. The amount of mobile phone usage in the world just continues to increase. It’s obvious that customers would love the customer care service to be well integrated with their mobiles. That too, through texts to be precise. There is a consensus among customers that texts are way quicker over phone calls or via computer for that matter. Customers tend to lose patience and get frustrated if they get stuck over the phone.

mobile phone text messages

Retailers should look to communicate with their customers through text messages as it is convenient, cost effective, and less time consuming. Writing emails or attending multiple calls at the same time have a lot of time and cost attached to it, and can often lead to unsatisfactory results. According to eMarketer, 44% customers would like to text a retailer for customer care as it’s less time consuming, while 42% would do the same as they feel that it’s way more convenient than making a call. The more convenient and fast the customer care service, the easier it is for brands to establish customer loyalty. Brands & retailers will look to enhance the customer care experience of their customers by communicating with them through mobile texts.

Retail Personalization – Ensuring customer-satisfaction through personalized customer care strategies

Customers crave personalization before, during, and even after their purchase. Retail Personalization is the big key to big fortunes as far as brands and retailers are concerned. Even when it comes to customer care service, customers can do with a bit of personalization. Brands should understand that every time a customer tries to contact them for customer care service, it’s basically an opportunity for them to acquire them for life. Brand loyalty can be easily achieved through this trend called personality pairing.

personalized customer care

Both the customer and the retailer/brand hopes for an easy and positive interaction every time the customer care executive talks to the customer. The chances for this to happen is expedited with the help of this personality-based call routing software. This essentially connects customers to those executives who can perfectly complement them in terms of their personality, tone of voice, mood, language, etc. The perfect match is made by the virtue of a vast number of behavioral algorithms. Basically, no two customers who differ in personality, query and needs will be connected to the same executive. In this way, personalized service can be delivered to every customer who calls for service.    

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