For quite some time now, the healthcare industry has been under the pressure of regulating costs, but at the same time, provide service of the highest quality to the patients. It's not easy to stay competitive and put a lid on the cost at the same time. Tickto's Blockchain-enabled solution is here to make revolutionary changes in healthcare.

Increase Engagement levels across channels

Increase Data Security

Blockchain technology stores data across a well-distributed network of participants in linked blocks. Any alteration/change in information leads to a record of the transaction created in a shared ledger. Each block is linked chronologically and carries a copy of the shared ledger. Blockchain is more secured than traditional centralized storage as data is replicated across all the blocks. Which means, if unethical parties want access, they would need to breach all the participants in the network, not just one.

Extend the overall basket

Strengthen the privacy of EHR

Blockchain ensures that privacy of data is supported both during data updates and transfer. For instance – if a patient is prescribed a new set of medicines by the doctor, the patient's records is updated and the change in transaction is noted in the public ledger. An encrypted link is then created to the record of the patient only for the access of the doctor and the patient. The privacy of EHR is effectively strengthened as a result.

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Ensure effective management of billing

Fraudulent in administration costs and healthcare billing is the biggest nightmare that healthcare seekers face on a regular basis today. Blockchain enable organisations to reinstate trust in their patients by automating all billing and insurance related activities. This results in a marked improvement in the logistical tracking of reliable billing operations. Patients too, stay well-informed about projected costs and have complete clarity on the entire billing procedure.


Identify malicious breaches easily

The transactional logs in Blockchain cannot be deleted or altered. In case of single or even multiple breaching attempts, it becomes considerably a lot easier to trace the source and identify the hackers. Tickto's Blockchain-enabled solution aims at bridging the security gap through preventative measures, all the way down to even the device level. Malicious threats can be seamlessly identified with the remotest of hassle.


Enhance Health Data Exchange and Interoperability

It's not easy for healthcare providers to share information easily while doctors are busy updating electronic health records. The applications built upon the Blockchain technology can use open APIs, open source softwares, and commodity hardware. Following the complete standardization of these components, Blockchain technology possesses the potential to make a single patient record for individuals accessible across different organizations.

Tickto Blockchain 'HIGHLIGHTS'

    Enhancing care coordination by providing a secured access to Longitudinal Health Records

    Enabling organizations to reinstate trust in patients by automating the entire billing activity.

    Minimizing drug counterfeiting and theft by effectively tracking drug sourcing.

    Bridging the security gap by easily tracing and identifying the source of the breach.

    Noting any transactional change in the public ledger and strengthening the privacy of the Electronic Health Records.

    Promoting research commons and eliminating selective reporting and manipulation of results.