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Proximity Marketing: Mistakes that brands should be wary of

Brands and retailers across the globe, extensively seek to leverage proximity marketing solutions to further their business ambitions. Beacons and its’ implementation is no longer a new entity for retailers. Yet, a lot of them have failed to maximize the potential of proximity marketing. A lot of retailers have still not found a proper way to integrate beacons with their mobile strategy. Hence, the outcome of their campaigns has been rather disappointing. Marketers must understand that merely installing beacons in the store is not enough. There are several mistakes they commit which leads to unsatisfactory results. Here is a look at a few mistakes that every marketer should be wary of in their proximity marketing campaign.

The lack of connection between Data Silos

The importance of big data and its’ analysis is massive. Brands and retailers have realized this for quite some time. They understand the significance of providing an enhanced customer experience, and the role that personalization plays in it. For this reason, they have made investments over time to acquire customer data. There are various sources they can accumulate this data from. For instance, mobile app data, purchase history of customers, customer relationship management, etc. The implementation of proximity marketing using beacons will provide them with another silo of consumer data.

Even with the availability of data in bulk, retailers have not been able to provide the best customer experience. This is mainly due to the lack of connection between the various data silos. For the seamless integration of offline, mobile, and social data, the need is for a system that connects these silos of data. Only then will retailers be able to personalize the entire shopping journey of the customers.

proximity marketing mistakes to avoid

Unlimited messages targeted at the customers' mobile

A lot of brands have not achieved favorable results with regards to customer engagement by installing beacons. The primary reason behind this is the failure to set limitations in the number of messages sent to the customers’ mobile. While customers want engagement on their mobiles, they will not make ways with irrelevant, non-personalized notifications. If anything, they are bound to feel repulsive because of these messages after a period. What they expect is highly personalized messages at the right time of their shopping journey.

Brands should track the in-store dwelling time of customers in a section. If a customer exhibits high dwell-time in a section, it should be assumed that the customer is interested in making a purchase. This would be the ideal time to push personalized offers and recommendations to the customers. This will get them engaged instantly and go a long way in facilitating a conversion. Unnecessarily spamming the customers’ phone can lead to disastrous results. This is another mistake that brands and marketers commit while implementing proximity marketing solutions.

Complicated messaging and only-discount offerings

A lot of brands make the mistake of sending messages that are too long or comprising of unnecessary details. Ideally, the messages sent on mobile should have a perfect mix of clarity, and brevity. Not to mention creative and crisp. The attention span of customers on their mobiles might be for a second or lesser. Too long a message spoils the party.

Brands and retailers opting for proximity marketing commit another common mistake. They spam the customers’ mobiles with discount offers. There is much more that the customers want from their brands apart from mere discount offers. They expect relevant product recommendations and personalized offers at the correct time, throughout their shopping journey. Brands should think twice before flooding their customers’ mobiles with only-discount offers.

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