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The Potential Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

It has to be admitted that the healthcare industry is set for overhauling changes and technology has a massive role to play in it. From chronic diseases to risk assessment, opportunities are truly never ending with regards to leveraging technology. With healthcare costs rising across the globe, it’s fair to say that the patients’ expectations and demand from their providers is at an all-time high as well. With the volume of healthcare data continuing to rise, artificial intelligence in healthcare is here to lead the charge and make a difference. Artificial Intelligence scores over traditional analytics and allows unprecedented insights to humans. Let’s look at a few ways how AI can make an impact in healthcare.


Brain Computer Interfaces – Empowering the human mind

Technology has the power to automate and empower almost any independent element of machinery. If it could work in tandem with the human mind, the output could truly be unbelievable. For instance, a patient might lose the ability to move or interact with people as a result of a neurological disease or trauma. Artificial Intelligence powered Brain Computer Interfaces can help restore the patient’s ability to move and interact. The Brain Computer Interface can help decode the neural activates associated with the way a patient moves his legs, and then enable the patient to communicate through a ubiquitous technology like a mobile, tablet, etc. This is an avenue where a major difference can be made by artificial intelligence in healthcare, especially to those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Taking electronic health records use to a new level

Electronic health records for sure was quite a leap from mundane manual handling of data. However, developers today are using artificial intelligence and creating interfaces that are more intuitive. This helps eliminate a plethora of problems such as cognitive overload, lengthy documentation procedures, and other routine processes. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is powering voice recognition and dictation to simplify these various procedures, especially the clinical documentation process.

Adding intelligence to medical devices

Smart devices are very much a part of the consumer environment today across industries. One can’t help but feel that artificial intelligence enhanced devices in healthcare can bring about a huge difference in providing better care facilities to patients. Monitoring patients is a vital use case that these devices serve. Once powered with AI, clinicians will be better equipped to identify health deterioration, sense the prevalence of any newly developing complication, etc. which will lead to enhanced medical outcomes.

AI will allow the integration of disparate data from across the healthcare system and help generate an alert that will feed the ICU doctor in advance. This will ensure early doctor intervention, diminishing the chances of further complication-development. Integrating medical devices with intelligent algorithms will not only reduce the cognitive burden of the clinical physicians, but also ensure that patients receive care and treatment at the correct time.

Adding a different dimension to smartphone selfies

The quality of cameras in smartphones stands at such a standard that it easily qualifies as a secure supplement to clinical quality imaging. The clarity of pictures that smartphones can produce today are easily viable for analysis by AI algorithms. The biggest beneficiaries of this as of now are dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Medical tools are presently being developed that can analyse images of face and detect diseases in the developmental phase. AI algorithms can detect the discrete features analysing various aspects such as the placement of nose & eyes, jaw line, etc. This will ensure that the care & treatment procedures not just become fast-tracked and cost-effective, but also highly personalized and smart.

Taking the future into consideration, the scope and potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare is truly enormous.

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