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Personalization: ‘The Key to Customer Experience’

In this ever-changing and competitive retail scenario, retailers are constantly looking to acquire an edge over their competitors. Retailers must implement multiple aspects of significance as a part of their retail operations to avoid being behind the eight ball. Few of them being omnichannel retailing, data-driven marketing, etc. However, retailers do recognize that the most important aspect that they need to focus on is the overall customer experience that the customers are subject to. Whether it’s online or the in-store experience that customers love and expect, retailers should aim on providing the very best.

According to the 2017 Digital Trends in Retail Report (DTR), 54% of retailers say that the customer experience is the most key area of focus for them. There are many ways retailers can go about enhancing the overall customer experience. But a lot of emphasis is laid on personalization by online retailers. Similarly, offline retailers also understand that the most effective way of enhancing the in-store experience of the customers is by providing them with elevated levels of in-store personalization.

Customer Experience: ‘Personalization’ – The Top Priority for Organizations in 2017

Retailers will look to give personalization the utmost priority. Customers are now going digital and so are the retailers. As per the 2017 DTR report, 57% of retailers will look to increase their investment this year in personalization. The following illustration provides a clear indication about the top digital priorities of organizations in 2017. Targeting and Personalization scores a maximum of 33% as retailers look to enhance both the customers’ online and in-store experience. Social media engagement and conversion rate optimization comes in the second and third place with 29% and 28% respectively. Here is a look at the complete list.

digital personalization

(Image Credit: econsultancy-adobe-2017 retail digital trends)

Thus, we see that both online and in-store personalization will be the key to provide a one of a kind customer experience to the people across various channels. Whether it’s online or offline, personalization can be attained through various forms such as targeted e-mail marketing, content marketing, screen advertisement, in-store marketing through personalized offers and recommendations via proximity sensors, etc. Retailers will look to attain the much-needed competitive edge by enabling high degree of personalization to their customers, and enhancing their overall experience.

The Organizations’ take on Customer Experience

Most retailers have understood that customers expect a lot of relevancy and accuracy in the deals that are made available to them. In-store personalization is something that most retailers have understood the significance of while the shopper is inside a brick-and-mortar store. A lot of other factors other than personalization make up the overall customer experience. However, retailers lay emphasis on personalization first. The following illustration depicts just that.

emphasis on personalization

(Image Credit: econsultancy-adobe-2017 retail digital trends)

Around 25% of the retailers place the maximum emphasis on making the customer experience as personalized and relevant as possible. 20% of retailers want the customer experience to be as valuable as possible. Then there are organizations that want the customer experience to be as easy to understand as possible (13%).  The experience should be fun-filled and fulfilling according to 10% of the retailers. Thus, we see that there are various aspects that retailers would want to lay emphasis on. But, the maximum emphasis still lies with personalization when it comes to providing an enhanced customer experience.

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