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Mobile Phones: The Dominance in Retail Continues

Mobile phones continue to be the dominant force in retail operations today. Customers in recent times have had their preferences for mobile phones while shopping. And none of that is scheduled to change soon. Mobiles continue to be one of the primary mediums for retailers to carry out their retail marketing initiatives. It has not only enabled retailers to drive in-store personalization through contextualized offers while the customers are in-store, but also when they are off it. Let’s have a look at how mobile phones continue to extend its’ dominance globally.

Mobile Phones – Preferred by Global Online users

The internet has opened a numerous avenue of opportunities for the retail sector. E-commerce has boomed beyond belief, and if anything – it continues to grow. The number of internet users across the globe is unreal, and online retailers have done exceedingly well to captivate them with highly personalized retail marketing. It’s one thing though to make purchases online, but not many will believe the overwhelming role that mobile phones play in it.

Customers across the world are increasingly using the internet through mobile devices. The following illustration indicates how mobile devices dominates the total minutes that are spent online by customers.

time spent online

The Go-To Device for MENA customers even while in-store

Customers make use of mobile phones not just when they are shopping at comfort from their home, but also while in-store. There are a variety of reasons why Middle East and North African customers resort to their mobile phones. 41% of people use mobiles in-store to compare prices with competitors. 33% use it for researching products and 28% use it to access loyalty and reward programs. 20% of people also use mobile to receive offers based on a proximity to store. The following illustration depicts all the things that the MENA customers do on their mobiles while shopping in-store.

shopping in-store

(image credit: PWC)

With customers resorting to their mobile phones so often while in-store, retailers will look to continue capitalizing through personalized retail marketing targeted at the customers’ mobile.  With mobiles being the Go-to device of customers while shopping in-store, retailers will take advantage of this situation and look to make an impact.

Purchase via mobile phone quite popular in Asia Pacific

Mobile phones have a huge role to play in retail operations all over the globe. Certainly, the Asia Pacific region is no exception either. A high percentage of people in this region make purchases with the help of mobile phones. The following illustration tells us the amount of purchases that have been made from mobile phones in the last quarter of 2016.

purchase via mobile phones

(image credit:

As high as 55% of South Korea’s population made a purchase with the help of a mobile phone. China and Thailand occupy the second and the third spot with 41% of their population making mobile purchases. Singapore and Hong Kong comes in at the fourth and fifth spot with 40% and 39% respectively. India occupies the bottom spot with only 23% of its’ population making mobile purchases.

Thus, we see that mobile continues to be a dominant force in retail. Whether its retailers or customers, they are all dependent on mobile phones in one way or the other. With the number of mobile phone users increasing every day, one can safely assume that the future will hold more of the same.

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