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‘Attraction’ & ‘Interaction’ – The Key to in-store engagement of customers

Customers today are quite used to the convenience, ease, and comfort of online shopping. The aspects of personalization, dynamic pricing, and fast checkouts are what makes the experience fun-filled and seamless. The point however is, that a lot of the shopping still happens in brick-and-mortar stores. For this to be an everlasting phenomenon, retailers must meet the expectations of the customers. Customers today have a real appetite for digital experiences. Whatever they get online, they expect the same from brick-and-mortar stores. They are ready to embrace the latest digital innovation and technologies.

A digital shopping experience indeed is the key to an enhanced in-store engagement among customers. Let’s discuss in detail two integral aspects that propels customer engagement to a whole new level.

in-store customer engagement

‘Attracting’ Customers – The First Step towards building Engagement

Customers are ready for a digital shopping experience. Retailers should not hold back in providing them with the same. The first objective of brands & retailers is to attract the customers. If they are not attracted, they might never feel engaged. Retail technologies like interactive window displays, video walls, smart fitting rooms, etc. are sure to captivate the imagination of the customers. Retailers must also know that all the attraction bit shouldn’t be left to the technologies. What complements these digital experiences are factors like personalized mobile-marketing, relevant store music, subtle store aroma, etc. These contribute to the overall in-store experience of the customers. They also expect connectivity in the store. In-store wi-fi facilities allow customers to share their shopping experience on social media, compare product reviews, etc.

Brands should also aim to attract customers even when the stores are closed. Interactive window displays should attract customers and encourage them to inquire, or request about any product that they are interested in purchasing. It’s convenient for brands and retailers to attend to customers who are already attracted. Besides, it also makes it easier to communicate the overall brand message and identity to the customers. Thus, for maintaining an enhanced level of in-store engagement, it is imperative for customers to be attracted first.

‘Interacting’ with customers – Adding to the overall in-store experience

Real-life customer service is one aspect that is completely absent in online shopping. This is where brick-and-mortar can sometimes score higher than online. Customers always expect assistance and guidance while shopping in-store. Digitally-enabled store associates equipped with digital tablets, mobile devices, mobile POS, etc. will enable them to provide the customers with all the necessary information. That includes customer purchase history, product information, inventory details, and more. This will allow them to answer all queries of their customers. A rich and efficient store associate will always increase the in-store engagement of customers and enhance the in-store experience.

One of the important parts for store associates is closing the deal. Customers today are used to fast and one-touch checkouts. It’s very important to provide much of the same to them within the store. Store associates with a mobile POS app can result in faster checkouts. Loyalty cards and rewards can be perfectly managed on a good digital POS service.

Interacting with customers is certainly important to engage them. Positive interaction always makes customers feel involved and committed to their cause. The presence of well trained, and efficient store associates is thus of paramount importance.

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