Smart Malls look to maximize their potential and increase profitability by providing an unparalleled visitor-experience. Leverage the state-of-the-art Tickto IoT Solutions and acquire priceless strategic insights, improve overall efficiency and maximize return on investments.

footfall count

Absolute Footfall Count

Tickto Proximity Sensors installed within malls provide a clear indication of the flow of traffic throughout the entire stretch of the space. You can now

  • Track the visitor's purchase path inside the mall
  • Understand the brand preferences & points of interest of the visitors
  • Facilitate proper mall management by addressing the traffic in different locations like the entrance, stores, hallways, exits, etc
  • Understand which are the performing stores in malls by effectively measuring their individual performance
  • Set the space-rentals in malls based on the 'the hot spots' or address the less penetrated 'cold spots' as generated by Heat maps.

Optimize Visitor Experience

Successfully enhancing the visitor experience is the primary objective for malls. Tickto Solutions successfully reveals

  • The most popular areas inside a mall by tracking congestion
  • The under-utilized spaces in the building by indicating “cold spots” in the heat map
  • The busiest places within the premises at different times of the day

This data can help in enhancing the overall shopping center management by

  • Easing the flow of visitors in the popular areas with more efficient management
  • Providing an influx of visitor engagement activities in these areas of visitor interest
  • Trigger personalized offers in the form of offers, discounts, rewards, exhibitions, recommendation lists, etc by taking into account the browsing history of visitors in malls & museums.
Optimize Visitor Experience
Smart Parking Solution

'Smart' Parking Solution for SMART MALLS

A smart parking lot is an organized one. An organized parking lot enable malls to optimize parking space usage and enhance the overall efficiency of parking operations. With Smart Parking Solutions,

  • Visitors can pre-book their parking space in advance through the designated mobile app
  • Enable the mall-admin to have a real-time view of vehicle traffic, availability of parking space and its' usage.
  • Reduce 'car-search hassles' for visitors by navigating them to the location where their car is parked.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Efficiency in operations is a 'must-achieve' facet across all industry verticals. With Tickto Solutions, it will be considerably easier to

  • Improve staff scheduling depending on variations in traffic throughout the week
  • Deploy intense security focusing on the most popular areas at the appropriate time
  • Enable proper planning with regards to proper timing and frequency of cleaning & maintenance activities
Improve Operational Efficiency
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