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In-Store Engagement: Targeting Mobiles to Enhance Customer Experience

As customers continue to make their purchases online, offline retailers are desperately trying to get the perfect mix of things that will enhance the in-store engagement of customers. Delivering a rich customer experience is of paramount importance for offline retailers. Let’s face it. Apart from the immediate comfort and convenience, what is it about online shopping that makes it so enticing. It’s the elevated levels of personalization that engages customers for prolonged periods.

With omnichannel retailing being the need of the hour, many offline retailers are starting to have an online presence. It’s not necessary for the online experience to be restricted to the homes of the customers. It can easily be brought inside the physical stores. Customers can now be engaged for lengthy periods within the store and enjoy the essence of rich in-store personalization.  Mobile engagement makes it happen.

in-store mobile engagement

Mobile Engagement: Connecting Offline Products to the Online Space

The smart phone is more of a magic wand these days when it comes to shopping. In the case of online shopping, the mobile is the most popular purchasing device. Thus, it makes sense for physical retailers to have a mobile engagement strategy. As per a 2016 study by Deloitte, 83% of shoppers use mobiles while they shop in-store. So, engaging customers on their mobiles will enhance the in-store experience of the customers. One of the ways this can be done is by connecting the offline products to the online space.

Retailers can integrate the entire store in a mobile app. Customers on entering the store can log in to their apps to find out about the availability of items instead of having to go around searching for them. There are alternative ways of connecting offline products to online as well. Take the case of Winewoo for instance. The ‘Winewoo’ app was designed to allow customers to discover everything they wanted to about a bottle of wine. All they needed to do is scan the wine label on the bottle. The app in return, powered by a renowned image recognition software gave customers the entire history, tasting notes, grape variety, etc. of the wine. A concept like this not only enhances the overall customer experience, but also increases the chances of establishing customer loyalty and high sales.

Maintaining in-store engagement by enabling in-store personalization

Customers love and expect personalization from their brands. Now we already know that they are not shy of using their mobile phones while inside the store. Customers can be provided with highly personalized brand experiences by engaging them on their mobiles. Brands and retailers can easily do that by sending them alerts and recommendations on their smart phones.

Customer data can be collected from the various customer touchpoints, which can be utilized to send highly relevant offerings to their mobiles. Proximity sensors and cameras installed within the store can track the location of the customers and send them offers and recommendations accordingly. The customers are bound to be engaged for a consistent period if the offerings interest them. In-store personalization is a vital aspect that brands and retailers need to pay attention to. Customers will always value a highly personalized shopping experience as it’s the bare minimum that they come to expect from their brands. A well planned mobile-engagement strategy can do wonders to the in-store experience of the customers.

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