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Hospital Pharmacy – Artificial Intelligence to improve drug information searches

The involvement of drug therapy in the modern-day hospital outpatient visits is truly enormous. When it comes to the emergency department, this involvement is even more. The amount of drugs dispensed in hospital outpatient and emergency settings is growing by the day. The pharmacists in hospitals have their work cut out as they have to consider various factors like various contraindications, administration preferences, dosage guidelines, etc. before dispensing a particular dose. Besides, there always looms the threat of adverse drug events. It has to be said that the hospital pharmacists are always under the pressure to make the right decisions and provide the right kind of dosage information. They deserve an improved workflow.

Hospital Pharmacy – Artificial Intelligence to improve drug information searches

Empowering pharmacists by improving their workflow

Pharmacists are required to process a lot of information and deliver information that is fast and accurate in nature. Clinicians are always after pharmacists for things like dose information, IV compatibility, etc. and the pharmacy tea needs to be well equipped to deliver answers quickly. The process is fairly simple to comprehend. The clinician calls the pharmacist to ask about a dosage, and then the pharmacist accesses the drug database and enter the specific drug, cruises through the option to identify dosage guidelines based on patient demographics and other recommendations.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare plays a huge role on improving the overall workflow of the pharmacists. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the drug information database allows the pharmacy team a lot of convenience as they can now eliminate the old keyword based research process. The new search box integrated with natural language queries is highly convenient and favourable. The injection of this technology means that questions can be typed in exactly the way a clinician would ask them. For instance, ‘What’s the adult dose for DVT?’, ‘Should the dose be accompanied with food?’, etc. The pharmacists are no longer required to find the answers by cruising through various menus, as the answers appear instantly.

Providing accurate information, the key for pharmacists

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence in healthcare has the potential to make life a lot easier for pharmacists. This technology has brought in new ways of accessing information as pharmacists can now deal with rapid fire requests easily. Before the introduction of this technology, the pharmacists needed to be on research mode whenever a request came in. Now, all they need to do is ask a question and they can get their query resolved. The introduction of artificial intelligence fills all the gaps existent and makes the life of pharmacists highly efficient.

It is hard to ignore the convenience and efficiency that AI instils in the pharmacy workflow. However, another critical aspect that pharmacists consider is the accuracy of the results. The primary priority of all pharmacists is to roll out the correct set of information every time. While the efficiency of technology is fine, pharmacists want to be sure that the information that they provide is 100 percent legit. The integration of AI with the pharmacy tool kit is just the beginning. The future holds huge potential with regards to accuracy of data once the technology can be integrated into the hospital’s electronic health records platform, allowing the linking of patient-centric data with pharmacy data.

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