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The best in class healthcare kiosk solutions

Increase Engagement levels across channels

Every patient deserves proper treatment and in today's fast-paced world, time is at a premium. Patient time is valuable and it has to be admitted that most of the time they visit hospitals, their exchanges and experiences are not entirely hassle-free. While it might not be true for all hospitals, it certainly holds true for most of them. Patients, especially during times of urgency and otherwise, dread registration and billing queues, manual test and appointment booking procedures, and even wayfinding within hospital premises. All because of the amount of time it takes in getting all the formalities and processes done with. Modern healthcare kiosk solutions certainly have the potential to make a world of difference, especially with regards to improving the in-hospital experience of patients by streamlining mundane operations.


Tickto's primary aim and objective

Tickto's primary aim and objective with its' health kiosk is to elevate the healthcare experience of people by enhancing the levels of convenience, at the same time reduce the bad debts and administrative costs of organizations and do so in a completely glitch-free, error-free manner. Tickto's world-class healthcare kiosk solutions encourage patients to take control of their own care, thereby improving customer satisfaction, enhancing clinical outcomes and reducing overall healthcare delivery costs. From appointment booking and real-time demographics verification to location navigation, medicine viewing and billing, Tickto's Healthspot kiosks certainly packs a punch with regards to transforming the modern-day healthcare experience.

Tickto's highly integrated health kiosks offers a variety of technologically advanced healthcare solutions that streamlines the healthcare journey of patients. Let's have a look at the highly advanced healthcare kiosk solutions that Tickto offers:

Tickto's Healthcare Kiosk Solutions:

Empowering the patient-healthcare journey

Automating Patient check-in, instant payment, hassle-free billing and more

Tickto's health kiosks enables patients to make automated check-ins that enhances patient-convenience as they can independently carry out registration procedures by themselves upon arrival. This saves them a lot of time as they don't have to wait out long registration queues. Not just registration, patients can also independently view their reports, book test and doctor appointments, view medicine lists and make all kinds of in-patient and out-patient bill payments in a jiffy. The facility of making bill payments and dues helps improve overall cash collections. The feature of real-time demographic validation and eligibility check eliminates redundancy as the staff don't need to enter and re-enter patient information multiple times. It also considerably reduces instances of claim denials. They can also access all their past medical records at the touch of a finger.

Increasing administrative efficiency by reducing overhead costs

Tickto's automated healthcare kiosk solutions not only provides a hassle-free healthcare journey to patients by eliminating long queue times, but also considerably reduces administrative costs. It helps streamline data collection processes and brings down overhead costs, especially the ones related to data entry, collection of payments, and paper usage. Besides administrative efficiency, these automated patient check in kiosks, in a lot of ways empowers patients as it restricts their hospital-dependency and enables freedom of time and work. Overall, Tickto's healthcare kiosks deploys automation and convenience and is a standing testament of how healthcare is done in today's day and age.

Further enhancing healthcare experience by assisting in wayfinding

Another thing that patients don't quite enjoy doing in a hospital is wandering around aimlessly trying to get to their destination quickly. This mostly happens at a large hospital site where wayfinding can be a bit confusing. Tickto's health kiosk addresses this limitation by providing ease of navigation and wayfinding. 2D and 3D maps indicating turn by turn directions to the desired designation help people understand where they currently are and what the shortest route is to their destination. This not just saves visitors' time and effort, but also reduces the overall levels of chaos involved, resulting in smooth functioning of day to day events.

Establishing patient interactivity by
making them more aware

Increase Engagement levels across channels

Not all visitors walking into hospitals are in dire need or panic-stricken. Patients are followed by more than a couple of companions or family members a lot of the times, and often they are looking to make meaningful time out of their stay at the hospital. There are also instances when people come in for normal periodical check-ups or a casual test and often reside in a light-hearted mood.

Keeping these people and their hospital experience in mind, Tickto's self-service kiosk healthcare enables visitors and patients to stay aware and informed, and also provides them with a highly interactive experience. Patients and visitors can now, in their times of leisure, get access to various health tutorials, news, insights and other healthcare and medical related developments from across the globe. It's a good way for hospital visitors to make the most of their time

Tickto Healthcare Kiosk Solutions Features:

  • Self-service kiosk healthcare enabling automated patient-check in facility
  • Highly secure patient identification
  • Real-time demographics verification leading to collection accuracy
  • Providing an early administrative verification point with real-time eligibility check
  • One-touch payment methods leading to queue less, quick and instant payment
  • Digital data-handling leading to reduced paper usage, and thereby enhancing administrative efficiency
  • One-touch point for viewing all past and present billing details
  • One-touch point for accessing all electronic prescription and other medical history
  • Single, consolidated platform for ordering, and re-ordering medicines
  • Negating wayfinding confusion by providing comprehensive turn by turn facility directions
  • Enhancing visitor-interactivity by feeding them with high quality health tutorials, facts, news, etc.