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Healthcare Technology – Simple tips to enhance patient satisfaction

If you are a healthcare provider, then you will surely know that the need of a patient-centric system is paramount. Patient satisfaction is significant, and often its enhanced patient experience that brings about the same. A happy patient will keep coming back to the hospital in the future, and also refer it to his/her peers. Now there are many ways to elevate the experience levels of patient while they are at the hospital seeking proper care and treatment. Healthcare technology is certainly one of them as the entire world now is more tech savvy than ever before. Here are a few simple and elementary things that healthcare providers should look to achieve.


Streamlining appointment scheduling and check-in processes

Whether it’s a case of emergency or just a leisurely check-up, one thing that frustrates the patients is long scheduling and check in processes. Patients are almost repelled by the thought of standing in long lines or penning down long forms. This is one area where healthcare technology can ably intervene and transform the patient healthcare experience. Proper provisions should be made where patients can book appointments and check in online 24×7. Not only will this automate the entire process, but also save the customer a lot of time which can be directed towards a longer interaction time with the doctor.

To further enhance patient experience, provisions should be made to provide automated reminders about appointments, follow up visits, medication, etc. Either by email or text message, the reminder note should be triggered to patients well in advance to avoid no show.

Patients desire proper signage

One thing patients hate is getting lost or working too hard to arrive at their destination in a hospital. As it is, most of the visitors are panic stricken, the last thing that they need is to figure out where they are. Healthcare technology surely has a role to play here. According to a recent study on healthcare patient experience conducted by analysts at The Beryl Institute, more than two thirds of respondents stated proper signage and information as highly important with regards to finding one’s way around easily.

Technology can do a lot more than just installing signage for proper navigation. Provisions can be made to display the entire out-patient department consultation sequencing on LED monitors, so that people can have a clear idea of their wait time without much hassle. Similarly, doctor scheduling lists can also be displayed on separate monitors so that patients get an idea of when a particular doctor is available for consultation.

Patient Portal – A step towards a patient-centric healthcare system

A patient portal is perhaps the most important avenue that healthcare technology can contribute towards, in quest of making the system highly patient-centric. A highly integrated patient portal empowers the patient and increases his/her levels of engagement, which in turn enhances the whole healthcare experience. A portal will allow patients to update health information, prescriptions, and view lab reports, billings, etc. This will ensure more transparency in healthcare and also foster the overall provider-patient communication.

However, it has to be kept in mind that the providers should leverage the portal for mobile/tablet use with a highly functional but user friendly interface. The whole purpose of portals is to make the entire healthcare journey of patients easier. Hence, there is no room for confusion and complexity. Portals, if made, need to be easy to use with updated features and offerings.

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