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EMR/EHR - A 'Paperless' administration

There is no shortage of data (patient details, insurance records, pharmacy prescriptions, etc.) that organizations must manually manage. Still, achieving clinical efficiency from available data is the top-most priority. Tickto Solutions can help organizations acquire a paperless administration with the adoption of 'Electronic Medical/Health Records'.

The EMR/EHR technology solution provided by Tickto will

  • Enhance the process of accessing patient records, prescriptions, feedback reports, etc.
  • Achieve pin-point accuracy in managing data by eliminating even the occasional blooper
  • Provide timely and relevant information to patients and physicians with the help of Geo-Location tracking.
  • Provide an integrated, collaborated and efficient healthcare facility for enhanced patient & drug management
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Data Analytics – Powering its' use

Tickto Solutions helps in aggregating, organizing and structuring the data by extracting meaningful information from the available bulk. This will help organizations meet their primary objective of rendering unparalleled patient-services by making informed business and clinical decisions.

  • Readmissions. Understand the clinical and nonclinical factors that affect readmissions, and prevent avoidable readmissions in the most appropriate and cost-effective ways.
  • Health outcomes. Analyze huge volumes of structured and unstructured clinical and operational data to uncover hidden insights on indications, patient/provider concerns and other issues that can affect patient care. Then turn that insight into evidence-based knowledge that can help you predict and improve outcomes.
  • Patient safety. Identify potential issues before they become a reality by analyzing diverse data sources to predict and medically investigate patient safety signals.

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Personal Medication – Different Individuals – Non-identical Requirements – One Solution

We understand that humans are genetically unique and so are their requirements. Through our solution, we unlock a vital area in digital healthcare, i.e.- a personalized approach to healthcare. Tickto realizes the value of patient data and makes optimum use of it to recognize individual differences in people's genes, lifestyle, and surroundings. Personal Medication delivers precise, curated, and customized offerings to each individual and totally eliminates guesswork from their healthcare decisions, thus further enriching patient experience.


Connected patient - Vitalize their experience

The highly integrated and unified network and ecosystem in organizations, provided by Tickto Solution helps in enriching the overall patient experience by keeping them ever-so-connected with the help of:

In-Door Navigation

The organization's mobile app integrated with the Tickto proximity sensors that are deployed inside, provide patients with indoor maps and navigation of the entire organization in the app. Organizations can now do without expensive signage and direction boards.

Connected Via Wearables

Patients have the access to highly contextualized and relevant information by staying connected to the healthcare system through IoT enabled wearables. Tickto Solutions integrate with wearable devices to provide hyper-local content to the patients regarding their diagnosis, appointments, medicines, etc.