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Mine Records Within Minutes – Enhancing the efficiency of Healthcare Delivery

Gone are the days when gathering data was the tough part. It all comes down to what one does with the available bulk. Tickto powers a comprehensive understanding of the data and turns it into actionable insights, making life simple and efficient for doctors and patients alike. Providing accurate health services better and faster enhances the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery. Deep artificial intelligence ensures that millions of medical data is processed within a matter of minutes. Patient data is valuable. Tickto aims to do complete justice to it.

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Affiliate Data Across Departments – Sparing more doctor-patient time

Tickto enhances the healthcare journey of all parties involved. OPD patients can be granted the compactness of e-prescriptions, eliminating the need of manual handling of paper which can be cumbersome. OPD sequencing enables transparency to patients with regards to their appointments, ETA, wait time, slots, etc. In the case of IPD, all past and real-time data of patients is transferred to the primary consultant, RMO, and the nursing division. This makes patient data readily available all the time across all divisions, resulting in time-saving. The doctor should be allowed to take hassle-free care of his patients at all times. Tickto makes it possible.

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Clinical Intelligence and Analytics - The future of Healthcare Delivery

Merely establishing the foundational KPIs is not enough. A proper plan needs to be devised to measure, monitor, and improve results. Tickto helps identify a problem, assess its' historical context, underlines the primary cause of the problem, and helps fix it. Personalized dashboards provides complete information on intuitive performance levels and helps monitor various healthcare metrics. An elaborate historical analysis of trends and predictive modelling helps in forecasting a problem and also the nature of its' magnitude. Overall, Tickto provides the perfect platform for organizations to improve their healthcare practice's performance.