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Fulfilling Multichannel Experience for Customers? Cohesive Supply Chain Management Has The Answer!

Seamless Multichannel Transition Needs Strong Supply Chain Management: 

Delivering customers with a fulfilling multichannel purchasing experience is a requisite for retail businesses. Lesser your customers witness out-of-stock or not-in-store experiences, better is your chance to improve brand image. Facilitating multichannel purchasing experience means providing customers with the facility to make quick shift from one channel to another without a hitch. Even if you have kept ready the required infrastructure to attain the goal of swift transition between channels seamlessly, inadequate attention in integrating information related to the retail chain with the main platform may cost you dearly.

Multichannel Purchasing Experience for Customers

Ensuring 360 Degree View of the Supply Chain You Simply Can’t Ignore:

The first and core step of strategizing and executing multichannel purchasing facility for your retail business should start with guaranteeing 360-degree view of the supply chain. It is surprising how often retailers tend to ignore the fundamental area that provides required stability to the entire business. Imagine it this way that supply chain is the nervous system of the entire retail business system and if it is malfunctioning then nothing can go right.

In order to keep the supply chain fully functional, one needs to streamline inventory management. Executing this procedure successfully ensures greater control and visibility of the supply chain. At the same time, situations like product stagnation in the aisles or out-of-stock situations reduce remarkably. The current trend is showing that by 2017, on one hand, while online purchasing trends will increase, on the other hand, retail customers will also increase twice in numbers when it comes to making purchases in a physical retail environment. Retail giants, as a part of multichannel shopping experience, will be compelled  to provide opportunities like online ordering but physical store pick-up.

Without strong command and cohesive visibility of the supply chain, it won’t be possible for retail businesses to fulfill these diverse and newly evolving requirements. In turn, such failure or limitation would mean falling back in the face of intense competition. If you are under the idea, that store automation means increasing in-store self-serviceability for customers or easy check out process only then add inventory management and better visibility of supply chain in the same scope. You start receiving notification and deploy human resources to attend the situation at the earliest. It is in this way you deliver your customers with the best assistance, keep stock ready at the right time through complete visibility of the supply chain.

360 Degree Visibility of Retail Supply Chain

Supply Chain and Distribution Center Should Be Complementing One Another:

The entire objective to provide customers with multichannel shopping experience fails if the coordination between supply chain and distribution centers doesn’t fall at the right place. In order to match the changing course of supply chain and inventory management, the distribution centers should also undergo an infrastructural overhaul. What matters most in the multichannel experience is quickest reception of the required information and swiftest course of action to act accordingly. The goal can only be fulfilled once the distribution centers achieve the capacity to provide decision makers with real-time inventory visibility of stocks. Thanks to this attribute, quickest allocation of products in demand should not be a problem and the ultimate objective of providing customers with a fulfilling multichannel shopping experience will be achieved. 

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