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Revolutionizing new-age healthcare

Increase Engagement levels across channels

It's the age of automation and manual labour at a healthcare setting has slowly but surely taken a backseat, especially when it comes to storing patient records, data-filling, and other mundane administrative operations. Competition in the healthcare sector is at an all-time high, and for health organisations to maintain the edge, adopting EHR services are a must. The big switch to digital enables health providers and personnel to easily, store, share, collect, and access patient data in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Over the years, Tickto has emphasized on creating intelligent technology that fosters innovation by reducing manual labour. Our state of the art, and highly integrated EHR software development services enable organisations to make the big transformation with regards to their workflows and also allows them to enhancing the overall levels of service delivery.


Our primary objective that we try to attain through our EHR services is to provide utmost digital value in the most glitch-free way possible. We prototype and deliver solutions that enable clinicians, doctors and other health providers access complete patient data which includes patient vitals, past medical history, test and medication reports, bills, e-prescriptions, etc. In a nutshell, we aim to provide the best in class EHR services that helps in automating patient care workflow, improve collaboration, and provide real-time data that helps in precise diagnosis and treatment. Tickto's EHR software development services is technologically progressive, simple to install, and incredibly user-friendly.

We first look to get a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of your practice, and based on that we look to provide a highly customized EHR system, which best suits your organisations' needs.

Tickto's EHR Software Development Services:

Showing the way healthcare is done today

Maximizing compatibility and Return on Investment

Although many health providers and organisations across the globe recognise the sheer value of an electronic health record implementation, some of them are still apprehensive about going ahead and getting one. The hesitation stems from an array of pre-conceived complexities such as optimum tech-support post-implementation, prevalence of potential incompatibilities with the current clinical workflow, and above all return on investment. This is where Tickto, one of the leading electronic health records software companies steps in to eliminate all insecurities. At Tickto, we don't believe in the 'one size – fit all' approach. Our custom EHR software development process ensures that we work in close collaboration with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique systems, build to achieve your vision, and provide support all throughout. Your organisation is unique, and therefore deserves a unique solution that is exclusively yours. In a nutshell, Tickto's EHR services ensures that you maximize compatibility and return on investment.

Augmenting clinical possibilities with highly advanced EHR integration services

Electronic health records don't just hold a patient's medical history, but a variety of things such as demographics, personalized data from wearable devices, patient's insurance details, etc. At Tickto, our aim is to streamline interoperability by securely sharing data across departments and providers by seamlessly integrating disparate systems and devices, at the same time maintain the uniformity of data presentation. We look to enhance care-coordination within the organisation by ensuring that updated health records are instantaneously made available to providers and caregivers when required. This enables the elimination of medical errors and improves coordination and between different departments and specialists. Tickto's highly advanced EHR integration services revolutionizes the approach of modern healthcare organizations toward patient data management.

Revolutionizing new-age healthcare with Tickto's electronic prescription services

Increase Engagement levels across channels

The lives of the doctor-patient-pharmacy trio has changed from yesteryears. What used to be a highly time-consuming, mechanical, and prolonged process now happens in a mere few touches, let alone minutes. Yes, we are indeed talking about medical prescription generation, and pharmacy orders. Tickto's EHR services also comprises of highly advanced electronic prescription services that has transformed everything, from prescription generation to medicine ordering. E-prescribing enables an electronic generation of a prescription order which can then be digitally sent to the pharmacy. This means that physicians and other practitioners can now directly transmit the prescription to a pharmacy directly from the point of care.

Adopting electronic prescription services allows - prescribers to process prescriptions more efficiently by wasting lesser time dealing with queries, - dispensers to provide better and service by reducing the use of paper, - patients to collect repeat prescriptions from the pharmacy instead of visiting the doctor. Besides, e-prescriptions allow patients to just walk in to the clinic without carrying the previous prescription or having to remember medicine doses and suggestions as all past records can be electronically accessed at any time. It also enables a visit-free consultation with the doctors as one can seek suggestions over the phone or sms, without having to be physically present. The best part is it completely eliminates the risk of losing a document. It's about time you implemented Tickto's electronic prescription services.

Tickto's EHR Services Highlights:

  • Increases administrative and operational efficiency
  • Expedites the rate of payments
  • Streamlines claim submission
  • Provides easy and improved access to medical records
  • Enables verification of online eligibility and insurance
  • Provides a highly connected and enhanced healthcare experience through real time data access at the point of care
  • Eliminates all complexities between doctors, patients and pharmacies through highly integrated electronic prescription services
  • Eliminates manual data-entry errors and helps maintain a glitch-free patient health records database
  • Streamlines the doctor-patient consultation process as the entire process can be carried out over a phone or even message
  • Providing highly exclusive and custom solutions by maximising compatibility & ROI