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Data Analytics in Healthcare


The healthcare industry is currently going through a phase of rapid transition. The emphasis well and truly lies on providing improved care and outcomes, at reduced costs. With smarter times and smarter technology, even consumers have turned smarter. Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with the limited healthcare choices that were historically provided to them.

The modern day consumer is well-informed and educated about diseases, diagnosis and the available treatment options. This is considerably changing the entire dynamics between the patient and the healthcare providers. At present, the healthcare industry faces the challenges of providing care and outcomes that are highly patient centric and efficient in nature, not to mention the cost-effectivity factor.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

The Role of Healthcare Data Analytics in Quality Care

Healthcare data analytics plays a pivotal role in redefining the quality of care patients receive. We have all heard of big data. What does big data comprise of in healthcare? When it comes to healthcare, big data includes everything from emergency correspondence and journal articles to web pages and social media posts. Data is available in bulk. This data needs to be understood and utilised to improve the quality of care that patients desire. Data analytics allows proper understanding of trends, identifies patterns, creates connections, and finally takes advantage of the data explosion by deriving actionable insights.

Healthcare analytics is highly prospective in augmenting future healthcare opportunities. When it comes to emergency care, data analytics allows emergency teams to quickly determine the basic technicalities like the ‘When and Where’ aspects by sorting through various news feeds and raw data traffic. Data analytics also identifies trends and patterns and spots outbreaks in advance that prepares doctors to deal with the complications beforehand and prevent a disease altogether.

Data Analytics in Healthcare – Improving treatment effectiveness​

Huge amount of health data is now available because of the mobile healthcare applications, wearable devices, and other similar data input sources. Data analytics has the potential to not just cut huge healthcare costs, but also enhance the overall effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. Data analytics in healthcare can be utilised on various aspects.

From reducing care delivery costs, to fraud control, to health population management, the scope of data analytics in healthcare is massive. Provided that the analysis is carried out properly, data stemming from hospitals can bring to light the various models that are favourable for the hospital and which are the clinical responses that will help reduce the rate of readmissions. Another key application of data analytics is medical image processing. There is bound to be marked improvement in the time to come in image analytics techniques. As a result, it will enable physicians to read scans and images better.

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