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Context-rich Systems to Lead the Upcoming Strategic Technology Trends

Strategic Technology Trends are Unstoppable 

Context-rich Information Sharing

The list of upcoming strategic technology trends, as predicted by Gartner Inc., reflects an attempt to merge the real and virtual world. Terms like intelligent computing, almost-human intelligent communication, human-to human interaction (beyond human and computer interaction) have been pretty common since past few years. Yet, most of the enterprises distanced themselves from practicing and indulging into these developing trends. However, the imminent paradigm shift in using strategic technology, inspired by three prime factors, has made it almost mandatory for enterprises to keep themselves updated about the changes and start implementing those at different levels of organizational operations.

The Upcoming Strategic Technology Trends and Context-rich Systems as the Key 

The importance of context-rich information sharing has drawn more attention than ever before in order to fulfill the requirement for contextually aware communication.  As per the Gartner’s report, the top-nine upcoming trends in the field of strategic technology usage are:

  • Omnipresent computing facility
  • Increasing usage of items, referred as ‘internet of things’
  • Growing popularity of smart machinery
  • Cloud computing
  • 3D printing
  • Software controlled infrastructure and applications
  • Global-class computing
  • Setting security parameters, based on regular assessment (considering it is impossible to guarantee 100% security)
  • Context-rich systems

The above-mentioned trends, apparently, are different but there is a common thread of connection between them. Each of them is meant to share information almost real-time and interact upon foundation of the same. Ubiquitous computing, internet of things, smart machinery, cloud computing, software automated applications and infrastructure and assessment-based security require real-time data, so that analytics can be run and results can be delivered to users in the swiftest way (almost real-time) possible. Ubiquitous or omnipresent computing, thus, requires the entire system to become more aware of the surrounding, compared to earlier. The philosophy of context-rich system seeks fulfillment by combining collection of raw data with invasive analytics. The combination will not only reflect awareness of the surrounding environment but also will respond to user facilitation.

Real-time Data Accumulation, Analysis and Communication

Bridging Raw Mediums and Context-rich Systems 

The prime concern about ensuring the requisite delivery of context-rich systems is management of the raw data pool. While, on one hand, the context-rich systems have to depend on ubiquitous computing environment for constant data supply, on the other hand, the computing environment collects raw data through large number of sensors. The crude data varies randomly in terms of diversity, speed and enormity. Intelligent inferencing of the collected data would naturally require consolidation and distribution of the information with the associated devices and programs. Ultimately, the sensors function as bridging factors between raw data collection medium and intelligent, contextually aware computing systems.

Why Context-rich Systems Will Lead 

Why context-rich systems will lead the upcoming strategic technology trends? Because, contextually relevant data sharing is the ultimate goal that other trends are trying to achieve or be benefitted from it. Customer/user convenience is surely the ultimate outcome, inspiring modern enterprise. Alongside, they also have realized that almost real-time, context-rich results are of extreme importance when it comes to ensuring swift decision making and better operations control for overall improvement of the business. 

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