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Click and Collect – ‘Learning from the UK Retailers’

Convenience is one of the primary factors that help enhance the modern day trend of customer personalization among retailers. The biggest drawbacks in home delivery include the cost of delivery from the retailer's perspective and inconvenient delivery times from the customer's perspective. All of that can now be put to rest. Gone are the days when you would have to be stuck at home expecting your parcel from the delivery boy. Now you can place your order online and collect it from the designated pick up location which can be the store, station, etc whenever convenient. Click and Collect guarantees customer convenience.


UK – 'Setting the Trend'


UK has led the way by establishing the trend of Click and Collect. The success has been resounding and it is one of the primary reasons why retailers from the rest of the world are looking to do the same on a large scale basis. The following figures will elucidate the success of the UK retailers.


  • The number of online shoppers availing the click and collect method of shopping in UK is expected to more than double to 76% by 2017 from 35% in 2014. (Planet Retail)


  • 72% of total UK shoppers availed the click and collect method in 2016, which is 49% more than in 2015 (eDelivery)


  • A total of 58% of UK's top 500 retailers now offer Click and Collect Services (IRUK Top 500)


  • 65% of consumers make additional purchases from the store while collecting items from there. (Cybertill)


  • 17% consumers would cancel a purchase if the option of click and collect was not available

Click and Collect – 'The early admirers in India'


The above figures indicate the success retailers can have today by adopting the Click and Collect method. Most importantly, the numbers also indicate that consumers want this style of delivery. Indian retailers are gradually recognizing this fact. E-Commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart being early admirers of 'Click and Collect' introduced this facility in India. In 2014, Amazon provided an option to its consumers to collect their order from an Amazon Pick up point. Flipkart too enabled 'click and collect' feature across 10 Indian cities in 2015. The aim was to open aboout 100 click and collect stores by 2016. Flipkart claimed that this feature would enable them to implement the rural expansion strategy by penetrating into smaller towns as they would not have to incur much of a delivery cost.


Adaptation by offline retailers


The offline retailers have also shown tendencies of adopting this method. Renowned Indian offline retailers like Bata, Fabindia, Evok, Virtuous Retail, and Infinity among others have shown keen interest in adopting this method of delivery. They have obviously drawn inspiration from the introducers of this method of delivery like Walmart and Tesco and the overwhelming success that they have been enjoying over a period of time.


  • Infinity Mall (Mumbai) in 2015 were working on a concept which would allow a discount of 10% to their customers if they chose Click and Collect as the method of delivery.


  • Thomas G Bata, chairman (Bata), stated that they were creating a customer profile of 10 million people in 2015 adhering to the click and collect method of delivery


  • Evok too started providing discount coupons to their customers if they opted to take the delivery from the store.


  • A survey by Cognizant revealed that 41% of consumers purchase additional items from the store at the time of order collection.

Indian Retailers are gradually understanding the potential of Click and Collect services. Not only does it reduce their logistics cost but also provides them with an option of expansion. On the other hand, it enhances the entire customer shopping experience considerably. Customers no longer have to be a part of a long queue at the counter, nor be at home to comply with the timings of the delivery boy. 'Click and Collect' is indeed convenient.

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