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What’s working and What’s not for Brands on Social Media

Social Media is the place to be currently. In the quest for attaining brand loyalty, brands devise various strategies and appeals in the way they communicate or portray their personality on social media. Consumers expect a lot from brands. Brands should look to portray their personality in a way that best describes what it stands for. Customers may want a brand to be funny, trendy, honest, humorous, etc. Customer loyalty over a period can be achieved if a brand stays real in the message it conveys to the consumers consistently. Latest findings help us understand the kind of behavior consumers expect from brands on Social. As per the Q2 2017 Sprout Social Index-

  • 86% and 83% of consumers buy from brands that are honest and friendly respectively on social media
  • However, three quarters of the consumers also associate value in brands that appear to be humorous.
  • Consumers don’t appreciate brands being politically correct (39%) or snarky (33%) on social.

A Closer look at Consumer Sentiment – ‘Millennials vs the rest’

As brands try to establish long-term customer loyalty, they must understand where to draw the line while featuring on social. What this means is that the margin for error that brands have on social media is very less. There is a very thin line between something being annoying and being cool on social media. Brands should be mindful about the sentiments of the people and shouldn’t look to overdo things. Majority of the consumers belonging to all segments feel that brands should not talk politics on social media as 71% of them feel it’s annoying while only 29% feel it’s cool. Similarly, they don’t appreciate brands using slangs as 69% of them feel it’s annoying.

The story is a little different when it comes to the millennials age group. Millennials, being younger, belong to a slightly different school of thought than their older counterparts. As brands try to establish brand loyalty, with millennials they can afford to experiment a little. They are more open-minded and forgiving by nature. Hence, brands can look to improvise. For ex- 42% of millennials find brands making fun of competitors cool on social media, while the same is true for only 30% of Gen-X and Baby Boomers. Similarly. 41% of millennials find brands using slangs cool as opposed to 26%. The following graph provides a clear indication of how consumers from all segments find the behavior of brands on social. It also shows how the sentiments of millennials differ from that of Gen-X and the Baby Boomers.

consumer sentiment on social media

Detailed Insight on Brand and Consumer Action on Social

Brands should be very careful with regards to their tone and appeal on social media. As there is very little margin for error, brands should ensure that they don’t end up irritating the consumers. That won’t help their cause at all. Let’s have a look at how consumers react when a brand annoys them. As per the findings of the Q2 2017 Sprout Social Index, 51% of people will unfollow a brand on social if they find it irritating. 27% of them will mark the content as spam and 26% will simply choose to ignore it.

On the other hand, brands can earn themselves a few favors if they manage to please the consumers on social. Brands will find it comparatively easier to establish customer loyalty and prompt consumer purchase if they focus on providing good customer service. Consumers really appreciate when brands respond to their queries. When a brand responds to a consumer query, it prompts 49% of consumers to make a purchase. Promotions on the other hand, prompts as many as 46% of consumers to make a purchase. The following graph provides a detailed insight about how consumers react when they find a brand irritating, along with the various brand actions that prompts them to make a purchase.

brands social media

Brands should look to be strategic and smart as they decipher the kind of activities they would like to hone on social media.

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