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Making Remote Work, Work

Remote working is currently a hot topic of discussion on public forums and social media.  Employees across Asia, from Japan to Singapore, are working from home amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) crisis. As companies start to encourage work-from-home arrangements, both employees and employers are adjusting to this relatively novel concept and searching for expert advice
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New to working Remotely? These Resources Can Help

Almost overnight, remote work has become mainstream. Companies around the world are encouraging their employees to work from home to prioritize the health and safety of their workforce and communities amid coronavirus. Working through this rapid change can be hard and we’re moving quickly to help members get information they can trust, stay connected to their community
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Six Tips for Working Remotely

Working remotely may be new to a lot of people and there are a number of helpful tips from professionals all over the world posting about it on LinkedIn (check out hashtags #WFH and #RemoteWork). If you’re not already, make sure you connect with your coworkers on LinkedIn to keep each other updated, share ideas and advice or
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Remaining Connected When “In-Person” Is Not an Option

We’re all trying to figure out how to maneuver through unprecedented change by understanding how to navigate work and the coronavirus. Although many of you might be spending less time (or no time) in an office and it might be harder (or not possible at all) to get face-time with customers, we know that business continues. 
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Staying Connected and Productive with Virtual Events

In a matter of weeks, coronavirus has changed the world of work. As businesses prioritize the safety of their communities, many in-person events and gatherings have been cancelled. This leaves people looking for ways to stay connected. We’ve heard from a lot of you as you are considering virtual alternatives. LinkedIn is here to help you stay
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7 Tips for Conducting a Seamless Video Job Interview

As companies around the globe make adjustments to prioritize the health and safety of their employees and communities amid coronavirus, many talent acquisition teams are reassessing how they conduct candidate interviews. In many cases, this means transitioning from in-person interviews to virtual ones.  For some recruiters, video interviews are familiar and their companies have established videoconferencing capabilities.
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Overtime Artificial Synonym

Overtime Artificial Synonym: All Detail you need to know

Overtime Artificial Synonym Overtime Artificial Synonym: Artificial Intelligence is definitely transforming the modern-day conception of healthcare delivery. It comprises of a plethora of technologies that enables machines to sense. Comprehend and deploy intelligence, that enhances the overall clinical, operational, and administrative efficiency. From health diagnosis to medical imaging to risk analysis, Artificial Intelligence can indeed augment
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Data Analytics in Healthcare

  The healthcare industry is currently going through a phase of rapid transition. The emphasis well and truly lies on providing improved care and outcomes, at reduced costs. With smarter times and smarter technology, even consumers have turned smarter. Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with the limited healthcare choices that were historically
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The potential of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

The potential of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

Artificial intelligence in healthcare and its’ potential to truly transform the industry is now well-known to all organisations and businesses globally. With hardware improvements and more advanced algorithms, it just gets better every day, so much so, that it can easily learn, predict, and advise based on huge amounts of data today. The potential of
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The Power of Blockchain Technology

The Power of Blockchain Technology

All the major healthcare players across the globe are trying to embrace digital innovation, and one can’t help but think that Blockchain technology has quite a role to play. Blockchain technology has definitely emerged as a big break-through impacting several industries. Healthcare is no different really. The scope of Blockchain in healthcare is massive and
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Tickto’s E-prescription Application – Enhancing health outcomes with Deep Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Tickto’s E-prescription Application – Enhancing health outcomes with Deep Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

There is no denying the bulk of data that is available in healthcare today. Data analytics and machine learning in healthcare is what allows the derivation of meaningful insights from this available bulk of data. When it comes to determining the effectiveness of machine learning, it has to be understood that more the data, better
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An insight on current state of healthcare affairs

An insight on current state of healthcare affairs

The healthcare industry is transforming at a speed that is catching a lot of organisations off guard and a little unprepared. The main aim of the industry lies in becoming a system that is highly focused on value, one that delivers the best care and outcomes in the most cost-effective way. However, it has to
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Looking Ahead 2019 - healthcare technology

Healthcare Technology – Looking ahead at 2019

The advent of healthcare technology over the last year has seen a lot of progression in the healthcare sector in 2018. Truth is, people now are more tech savvy than ever before and this trend is likely to continue in the coming year. Technology makes life of patients easier, and healthcare providers who don’t focus
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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Prospective Future Beckons

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Prospective Future Beckons

Artificial intelligence in healthcare has already made rapid strides with regards to contributing to the innovation and automation aspects. The future holds even stronger potential as AI looks to completely alter the face of modern healthcare. Today the role of Artificial Intelligence is kind of constricted. For instance, technologies such as advanced data analytics tools
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Precision Medicine – An essential cog in the healthcare wheel

Precision Medicine – An essential cog in the healthcare wheel

We are all aware of how technology in the form of healthcare data analytics has been powering care and treatment accuracy for quite some time now. Personalized medication is a term that has been reverberating in the healthcare sector all along. Well, things just got a little better. While personalized medicine is good and invaluable,
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A View on Modern Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data analytics plays a pivotal role in redefining the quality of care patients receive. We have all heard of big data. What does big data comprise of in healthcare? When it comes to healthcare, big data includes everything from emergency correspondence and journal articles to web pages and social media posts. Data is available
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Healthcare Technology – Simple tips to enhance patient satisfaction

If you are a healthcare provider, then you will surely know that the need of a patient-centric system is paramount. Patient satisfaction is significant, and often its enhanced patient experience that brings about the same. A happy patient will keep coming back to the hospital in the future, and also refer it to his/her peers.
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Transforming the healthcare journey of doctors and patients

Healthcare Technology – Transforming the healthcare journey of doctors and patients

When it comes to healthcare, there is always room for improvement with regards to making the entire system more patient-centric. Healthcare technology truly possesses the potential to transform the entire healthcare journey of doctors and patient alike. Comfort and convenience are aspects that people forever seek throughout their healthcare journey. After all, everybody deserves a
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The Potential Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

It has to be admitted that the healthcare industry is set for overhauling changes and technology has a massive role to play in it. From chronic diseases to risk assessment, opportunities are truly never ending with regards to leveraging technology. With healthcare costs rising across the globe, it’s fair to say that the patients’ expectations
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modern healthcare

Modern Healthcare – Cost effective, improved outcomes coupled with convenience is the way ahead

The healthcare industry is currently going through a phase of rapid transition. The emphasis well and truly lies on providing improved care and outcomes, at reduced costs. With smarter times and smarter technology, even consumers have turned smarter. Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with the limited healthcare choices that were historically provided
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Applied Blockchain in Healthcare

All the major healthcare players across the globe are trying to embrace digital innovation, and one can’t help but think that Blockchain technology has quite a role to play. The stature of Blockchain continues to grow beyond just bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. There is a certain place and need for Blockchain technology in healthcare as the
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blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain Technology – Taking Healthcare to Level-next

Blockchain technology has definitely emerged as a big break-through impacting several industries. Healthcare is no different really. The scope of Blockchain in healthcare is massive and wide-scale adoption of the technology has already started across the globe. The amount of data involved in healthcare is quite overwhelming. The primary task is to share this data
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ai and healthcare tech

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Artificial Intelligence is definitely transforming the modern-day conception of healthcare delivery. It comprises of a plethora of technologies that enables machines to sense, comprehend and deploy intelligence, that enhances the overall clinical, operational, and administrative efficiency. From health diagnosis to medical imaging to risk analysis, Artificial Intelligence can indeed augment healthcare possibilities. An explosive growth
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texting solutions for healthcare

Integrated Texting Solution in Healthcare

Mobile technology and the advent of wireless networks has opened up numerous opportunities for people to communicate in different ways.  However, most of the providers in the healthcare sector still use phone calls and voice mails to communicate. Truth is that patients are now on the lookout for more convenient ways to communicate with their
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Orangeworm – Setting Sights on Healthcare across Continents

A previously unknown entity has been invading large international corporations operating in the healthcare sector across Europe, USA, and Asia. American Software Company by the name of ‘Symantec Corporations’ identified this entity as ‘Orangeworm’ and was observed installing a custom backdoor called ‘Trojan.Kwampirs’ within large corporations. Orangeworm has been observed to conduct highly planned and
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retail marketing in-store

In-Store Marketing: Enough Room for Brands to do more

As brands and retailers continue to resort to omnichannel retailing, the challenge of providing a seamless experience across both the digital and the physical sphere is intensifying. Often, brands today kind of neglect the all-important channel that amalgamates the two worlds – Brick-and-mortar stores. Brands are losing out on an immense opportunity of expediting sales.
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brick-and-mortar retail evolution

Brick-and-Mortar Evolution: Customer Behavior Analytics, Omnichannel retailing, In-Store Engagement strategies and more

Over the last decade and a bit, nothing has evolved at a pace like retail has. The whole breakthrough of e-commerce literally turned the whole face of retail upside down. The comfort and convenience of shopping online meant that the brick-and-mortar store was quickly losing out on its’ charm. These offline stores have taken a
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holidays retail 2017

Few Things Retailers Should Know About ‘Holiday 2017’

It’s almost the final stretch of the year, which means it’s that time of the year again. Holiday 2017 is around the corner and understandably, it calls for much excitement among both customers and retailers. While brands and retailers look at it as an opportunity to skyrocket sales and generate high revenue, the customers would
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iot retail future

Internet of Things in Retail: Powering Retailers to a Position of Strength

Whether it’s brick-and-mortar or online, retailers have their work cut out with regards to meeting customer expectations. There is no end to customer demands. Retailers across mediums are trying everything to maintain competitive advantage. This being the tech savvy age, technology plays a huge role in empowering these retailers. Today, it’s more about selling experiences
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in-store mobile engagement

In-Store Engagement: Targeting Mobiles to Enhance Customer Experience

As customers continue to make their purchases online, offline retailers are desperately trying to get the perfect mix of things that will enhance the in-store engagement of customers. Delivering a rich customer experience is of paramount importance for offline retailers. Let’s face it. Apart from the immediate comfort and convenience, what is it about online
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In-store analytics

In-store Analytics: Empowering the Retailers

Retailers have a lot on their plates to look after. Their obvious objective is to meet customer demands always and provide the best in-store experience throughout the customer journey. For this to happen, brands and retailers need to have live, real-time behavioral insights of their shoppers while they are in-store. Based on the insights, they
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millennials retail shopping

Millennials – Facts Modern Retailers Must Know

Customers of all segments are important for retailers, but more so the millennials. The number of millennials living in the world is staggering. They are the tech savvy, modern contingent who have all information starting from peer reviews, product details, comparisons, etc. easily available to them. Owing to the ample number of shopping options available
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omni-channel retailing

Omnichannel Retailing: Physical Channels need more focus

Retailers and Brands today look to provide their shoppers with an enhanced customer experience. Omnichannel retailing today is a bit of a no-brainer. A well-connected and personalized omnichannel experience is what customers love and come to expect. But for a lot of brands, omnichannel is partial towards the digital channel. Despite of the overwhelming impact
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in-store customer engagement

‘Attraction’ & ‘Interaction’ – The Key to in-store engagement of customers

Customers today are quite used to the convenience, ease, and comfort of online shopping. The aspects of personalization, dynamic pricing, and fast checkouts are what makes the experience fun-filled and seamless. The point however is, that a lot of the shopping still happens in brick-and-mortar stores. For this to be an everlasting phenomenon, retailers must
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retail apocalypse

The Retail Apocalypse is far from here

The Retail apocalypse is here. This is one statement that has reverberated in the retail sphere in the recent past. The high percentage of store closures from brick-and-mortar retailers, and the growing popularity of e-commerce certainly forced the layman to think no different. The general idea for long has been that offline retailers through their
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omnichannel retail fulfillment methods

Omnichannel Retailing: Fulfillment methods leveraging the Retail Store

Brick-and-mortar retailers certainly have their work cut out as digital commerce continues to attain new heights. Most of the physical retailers are having to deal with decreasing foot traffic and diminishing in-store sales. No wonder there are so many retail stores that are closing across the globe. On the other hand, e-commerce has been riding
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in-store associates

The Role of Store Associates in enhancing in-store engagement of customers

Retail is continuously evolving. To keep up, brands are constantly looking to innovate, and come up with better strategies. In-store engagement of customers is one of the things that they look to enhance through the various strategies they undertake. The number of shopping options for customers today is endless. The modern-day customer does not necessarily
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proximity marketing mistakes to avoid

Proximity Marketing: Mistakes that brands should be wary of

Brands and retailers across the globe, extensively seek to leverage proximity marketing solutions to further their business ambitions. Beacons and its’ implementation is no longer a new entity for retailers. Yet, a lot of them have failed to maximize the potential of proximity marketing. A lot of retailers have still not found a proper way
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grocery retail

Grocery Retail: Taking a leaf out of Amazon’s Book

In a few years from now, the state of grocery retail will be very different from what it is today. Technology will have made the entire process of shopping for grocery a lot more seamless, especially in physical stores. For retailers to be at an advantage in the future, they should lay a solid foundation
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merchandising in retail

Merchandising Strategies: Generating Traffic, Increasing Sale & Maintaining Customer Loyalty

Today, competition is soaring and retailers need to remain more relevant in their offerings than ever before. Merchandising plays a huge role in the success of every retailer. Thus, devising effective merchandising strategies is imperative for retailers if they want to provide a one of a kind in-store experience to the customers. The number of
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omnichannel retailing

Omnichannel Retailing: A Guide for the Retailers

Both online retail and brick-and-mortar stores are trying to stay as contextual and relevant as possible so they can meet the ever-increasing demands of the customers. With customers, no more loyal to a single medium of shopping, omnichannel retailing is practically a no-brainer today. It’s no more a new trend anymore. Retailers have been looking
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location-based marketing

App Based & Location-Based Marketing: The Popular Choice Among Global Marketers

Retailers today are blessed with abundant data about their customers. Various sources contribute to the accumulation of abundant data which include information from different point of sale systems, purchase history, browsing history, in-store customer movements and behaviors, etc. Retailers understand how valuable all this information is to them, as they look to make the most
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customer behavior

Customer Behavior Analytics: Giving Retailers the all-important Edge

Every retailer aims to make data driven marketing decisions, and wants to enhance the overall personalization levels in store. For this, they need to know their customers inside out. Customer behavior analytics allow retailers to get a clear understanding and knowledge about their customers. Relevant insights allow retailers to gain a competitive edge as they
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in-store engagement

In-Store Engagement: The key to an enhanced Customer Experience

It’s convenience galore when it comes to online shopping. The proposition of going down to the store and spending an evening on shopping does not excite everyone today. Why should it, when acquiring the favorite products are just a few clicks away? Yet, nobody can vouch that brick-and-mortar is dead. Well, there are many things
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Evolution of Retail

Retail Evolution – ‘Where it stands Today’

Brands and Retailers have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Modernization in technology at a rapid rate along with the ever-evolving needs and expectations of customers have expedited this retail evolution. Over the years, brick-and-mortar stores have understood the importance of providing a one of a kind in-store experience to customers
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retail store analytics

Retail Analytics: Amplifying Marketing & Store Operations

In the last few years, competition has certainly intensified in the retail sphere. The significance of retail analytics has been growing and does not appear to be slowing down soon. Retailers have consistently enjoyed an increased return on investment because of using analytics tools. Not only has it allowed them to enhance the customer experience,
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in-store traffic

Brick-and-Mortar Retail: Maintaining Consistent In-Store Traffic

The major task for most brick-and-mortar retailers has been to ensure consistency in-store traffic. The success of e-commerce demands offline retailers to provide their customers with just as convenient, and seamless in-store experience. The fact that a lot of the buying power lies in the hands of millennials and Gen-Z customers today is not the
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digitization of retail store

The Problems Hovering Over Digitization of Physical Retail Store

Consumers today are more knowledgeable than ever and have a lot of options available with them when it comes to shopping. Largely, their go-to option is that of online shopping, which apart from the obvious convenience in operations, offers consumers with an enhanced user experience and personalization. These consumers come to expect the same from
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proximity marketing in retail

Proximity Marketing: Aiding both Customers and Retailers

The primary objective of most offline brands and retailers today, is to provide their customers with a unique in-store experience every time they walk into the store. It’s the only way they can compete with their online competitors. Marketing is one of the main factors that plays a role in how the customer experience in-store
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in-store marketing

In-store Marketing: Factors Every Marketer Should Consider

Brick-and-Mortar retail has certainly under-achieved in the recent past and all that needs to change soon for it to harmoniously survive. E-commerce has been a huge hit, and credit needs to go to the exceedingly customized and personalized marketing strategies that customers have been subjected to on a consistent basis. Brick-and-Mortar stores certainly need to
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robots and humans in retail

Enhancing in-Store Experience: Customer conflict calls for Both Robots & Humans

Retailers are always thinking of expanding their consumer base. This way, the chances of generating more revenue increases. For this to happen, retailers need to continuously upgrade and enhance the in-store experience provided by the stores to invite new sets of customers. Elevated levels of shopper engagement due to an influx of technology and innovation,
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grocery retail

Grocery Retail: Trends that will shape the Future

Retailers across all categories have become a lot more flexible in the way they deploy their retail strategies. Over the years, latest trends have engulfed the retail sphere and retailers have not held back from embracing these trends. Let’s say they have had to embrace them to enjoy a significant competitive edge. Everything is quite
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brick-and-mortar retailers

More Reasons to Cheer for the In-Store Retailer

Brick-and-Mortar retailers and brands have not had their share of fortune in recent times. But, the ones who have continued to persevere in the times of adversity finally have something to cheer about. At least, the latest findings suggest so. A large part of the retailers’ perseverance included the need to continue providing a one
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brands on social media

What’s working and What’s not for Brands on Social Media

Social Media is the place to be currently. In the quest for attaining brand loyalty, brands devise various strategies and appeals in the way they communicate or portray their personality on social media. Consumers expect a lot from brands. Brands should look to portray their personality in a way that best describes what it stands
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retail analytics

Retail Analytics: Trends for the Future

Retailers across the globe are fighting to attain the much-required edge over their competitors. As a result, there has been an increase in the adoption of analytics solution adopted by them. As per data from a study by MarketsandMarkets, the retail analytics market is likely to double in size in the period of 2015-2020. At
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mobile website for retail shopping

Mobile Websites: ‘Facts for the Modern Retailer’

Retailers understand the importance of having an online and offline presence today. Omnichannel retailing is not a new phenomenon anymore. Globally, this form of retailing has allowed retailers to expedite sales through both the online and offline medium. In-store shopping has been there from the ages. When it comes to online shopping, much mention needs
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apparel fashion retail

Apparel & Fashion Retail: Offline Trumps Online

Brick-and-Mortar retail in India has been in constant conflict with online retail for the past few years. One of the main reasons for this turmoil has been the depleting level of sales that offline retailers have had to deal with. It’s 2017 now, and things are looking a little upbeat for the offline retailers. At
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proximity marketing 2017

The Global Rise of Proximity Marketing Solution

Even after all the hype created by online retail, the fact remains that a lot of people still resort to shopping in Brick-and-Mortar stores. To ensure that this remains a phenomenon for the ages, retailers will have to continue personalizing the in-store experience of the customers. The only way retailers can consistently do this is
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customer experience

Personalization: ‘The Key to Customer Experience’

In this ever-changing and competitive retail scenario, retailers are constantly looking to acquire an edge over their competitors. Retailers must implement multiple aspects of significance as a part of their retail operations to avoid being behind the eight ball. Few of them being omnichannel retailing, data-driven marketing, etc. However, retailers do recognize that the most
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false claims in retail

False Claims leads to change in Customer Behavior

In the retail sphere today, consumer behavior is one aspect that is always under strict speculation. The reason is simple. It just keeps on changing. Retailers look to control the buying behavior of customers through the various retail operations they undertake. A lot of the retailers’ focus lies on how an item or product is
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mobile phones in retail

Mobile Phones: The Dominance in Retail Continues

Mobile phones continue to be the dominant force in retail operations today. Customers in recent times have had their preferences for mobile phones while shopping. And none of that is scheduled to change soon. Mobiles continue to be one of the primary mediums for retailers to carry out their retail marketing initiatives. It has not
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physical retail

An Insight favoring Physical Retail

The popular verdict across the globe state that the days for physical retail are numbered. However, there are various instances and indications that continue to contradict this point. There is life still left in Brick-and-Mortar stores. The customers’ demand for immediate gratification and an enriched in-store experience is something online retail will never be able
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personal data sharing

The Growing Distrust of Customers on Personal Data Sharing

As the years have rolled on, customers have slowly but surely grown less reluctant to share their personal details online. The emphasis for them was being able to receive personalized offers. As a result, brands and retailers have also been able to improvise with their retail marketing initiatives. Amidst all of this, there has always
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retail pricing strategy

3 Strategies Modern Day Retailers Need to Consider

In this ever-changing retail environment coupled with soaring customer expectations, the implementation of fruitful strategies will be the key for retailers. Through their retail operations, retailers will look to provide the best they can to meet all customer needs and demands. The objective for all retailers is quite similar – increase revenue by expediting sales
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omnichannel integration in retail

The Need for Omnichannel Integration in Apparel Retail

The apparel sector might be a fast-growing e-commerce category, but brick-and-mortar stores play a vital role as well. Apparel shoppers make the optimum use of the integration of the online-offline stores as it offers the maximum convenience to them. As retailers look to achieve customer loyalty, they should know providing an omnichannel experience to customers
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Sustainable Retail

Sustainable Retail Practices for a Richer Environment

Whether it’s discount stores, supermarkets, or shopping malls, the primary objective of retailers is to enhance the in-store experience of the customers. However, they should always keep in mind that the retail operations that they undertake should not hamper the environment around. Retailers should look to adopt sustainable methods of business practices to ensure that
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voice technology

Voice Technology: The New Force to Reckon With

With the Internet of Things in Retail gaining more traction by the passing day, the boundaries of technological innovation appear to be limitless. The primary focus of retailers is to simplify and enhance the shopping experience of customers. For ensuring this, they must look to make themselves available to the customers on every possible platform
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data management

An Insight on Handling & Management of Data in Retail

For retailers, data is everything today. From customer analytics and inventory management to providing personalized offers and attaining customer loyalty, it serves all purposes. The primary aim of retailers is to attain higher revenue and provide the best possible experience to the customers. Today, data is leveraged for maximum outcome by many retailers. For this
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customer service in retail

Don’t Forget Customer Service in quest of Technology

Customer Service has and will always be an integral part of retail operations. Sadly, retailers have kind of forgotten this in recent times. In the quest for maximizing sales and enhancing the in-store experience of the customers, retailers have provided a lot of emphasis on latest in-store technologies. Although technology saves customers a lot of
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Internet of things in Retail

A Fact File on the Internet of Things in Retail

The Internet of things in retail has already played a massive role and will continue to do so in the years to come. With the increasing dependency of retailers on internet technology and the growing demands of the modern-day customers for both – an enhanced in-store experience and omnichannel experience, internet of things in retail
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cpg marketing

An Overview of the Global CPG Environment

The Global CPG environment scenario has changed quite a bit. Different countries are witnessing unique trends depending on a variety of factors. A trend of slow consumer spending is associated in developed markets such as in the US and Europe. The main reasons include the fall in birth rates and stagnant wages for a quite
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in-store personalization

In-store Personalization: The Primary Focus for Retailers in 2017

Customers have associated a great deal of personalized experiences in e-commerce for some time now. They come to expect the same in brick-and-mortar stores these days. Retailers understand this fact and hence are trying to implement the tools that will help them usher in-store personalization for customers. As per BRP’s 2017 POS / Customer Engagement
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brick and mortar store

The Re-emergence of Brick-and-Mortar

Despite the massive rise of online retail in recent times, Brick-and-Mortar have somehow managed to hold its’ own. With the worst phase gone, things are now again looking bright for offline retail. An in-flux of advanced levels of technology in-store along with the growing relevance of omnichannel retailing has meant that the focus is well
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retail marketing

Retail Marketing 2017: Top 3 Trends for Retailers to Consider

The year 2016 has been quite a turning point for the retail sector. Brick-and-Mortar is very much alive and will be in the time to come. Last year, retailers found unique ways to cater to the in-store personalization needs of the customers. The retailer’s ambition along with the rise of technology has taken retail marketing
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omnichannel retail india

Omnichannel Retailing: Indian Retail set for a rise

Omnichannel retailing is considered to be the modern way of retailing across the Globe today. This modern way of retailing has penetrated into the mindsets of the Indian retailers as they focus on having an omnichannel presence. They certainly are on the right track and are bound to succeed in the future if they persist
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Visual Merchandising: Driving Sales by elevating the in-store experience

We all know the role merchandising plays in enhancing the in-store experience of customers in retail. But it's one thing enhancing the customer-shopping experience. The merchandising strategies in place should end up driving the overall sales performance in the store considerably.   Visual Merchandising involves everything that the store uses to attract and lure customers,
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apparel retail trends

Apparel Retail – A Guide to The Major ‘2017’ Trends

We are well into 2017 and here is looking ahead to another year in apparel retail. Consistent integration in technology along with innovation and personalization will be the key drivers of success in this sector. According to a mid December report released by Moody's, a growth of 6% to 8% is expected this year. Nothing
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gen z consumers

The Generation-Z Consumers in Retail

The aspect of marketing is a challenging proposition for brands and retailers today. With evolving market scenarios and the emergence of new customer groups, the challenge has certainly intensified over the years. Recently, millennials have hogged all the limelight, but now it's time to focus on Generation Z.   (image credit shutterstock) Customers who fall
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driverless cars in retail

Driverless Cars: The Potential Impacts on Retail

The ups and downs in the retail sphere in recent times has not been for the lack of technological breakthroughs. If anything at all, technology has powered retail into a state of domination. Amidst these advanced breakthroughs, whispers of a certain technological marvel has reverberated throughout the stretch of the retail sector time and again.
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customer expectations retail

Meeting Customer Expectations in Retail ‘2017’

Today, retailers realize that there is no limit to the expectations that their customers have from them. Meeting customer expectations for a glorified existence is no more an option to achieve for retailers. It has become a requirement which they need to fulfill. In such a case, retailers can't afford to be satisfied with what
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newspaper retail ads

The Downturn of Newspaper Ad spending – Y.O.Y. & Holiday 2016 Review

For quite some time now, the newspaper market has been under stress due to the rapid and recurring advent of the digital media platform. Currently, newspapers are trying to cope with the accelerating drop in print advertising. GroupM estimated the overall decline in newspapers by 8.7% to US $52.6 billion in 2016. The future of
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review retail in 2016

Reviewing Retail 2016 at a Glance

In more ways than one, 2016 has been another eventful year for the Global Retail Sector. With continued breakthroughs in the field of technology, retailers have gained significant amount of customer information and insights which has helped them deliver a more seamless and personalized experience. Here is a look back at the major highlights by
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amazon go retail

Amazon Go – ‘Gearing up to lead the retail-march in 2017’

Just when you thought what the next big leap in retail technology might be, retail giants Amazon has come up with a concept that can potentially rattle the entire retailing landscape. Amazon recently unveiled its' first (of hopefully many) high-tech retail location called 'Amazon Go' in Seattle. Currently in a private testing phase, Amazon plans
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empowering store associates

Empowering the Store Associates in Retail

Technology has powered the evolution of Retail over the years. Today, it's an interactive world and customers thrive on an enhanced shopping experience and in-store engagement. The biggest breakthrough has probably been the advent of E-commerce globally. However, despite the rapid evolution of retail over the years, one thing has not changed. That being the
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demonetisation in retail

The Impact of Demonetization on Indian Retail

The Narendra Modi led Government's tactical move to demonetize the currency notes of the value of 500 and 1000 was made with the intention of eradicating corruption and exposing the black money holders in the country. Although the move might signify a healthy establishment for the country in the future, one can't help but admit
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millennials in retail

The Retailers’ Guide: Everything You want to know about Millennials

Targeting Millenials has been the focus of retailers all across the Globe for some time now. It does not require a wise man to fathom the fact that in the time to come, this trend will continue. The potential purchasing power of Generation Y along with their total strength existing in the world is what
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retail trends 2017

2017 in Retail: The Future Trends

The New Year of 2017 beckons and retailers all around the Globe will be aspiring for more, especially with regards to conversions and new customer acquisitions. We are already into the last quarter of 2016 and retailers have an idea of what has worked for them over the course of the year. Clarity in understanding
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personal data sharing

An Insight on Global Consumer Personal Data Sharing

Retailers have attended to the personalization needs of the consumers in a more than credible way for quite some time now. The advancement of big data analytics has powered retailers to enhance the customer shopping experience and elevate it to a new level. But every retailer will agree that the consumers have more than played
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connected retail

Connected Data – Elevating the overall Customer Experience

Retailers have already shifted to a customer-centric approach of marketing. The product-centric approach is no more viable. This is because of the rising expectations of the consumers of their retailers. Consumers want retailers to anticipate what they want and would like them to communicate the offering in the most pertinent way possible. In this case,
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chatbots retail

Chatbots – Further Enhancing Customer Personalization

Innovation in Retail Technology in recent times has been focused around the need for enhancing customer personalization. The latest development in the form of Chatbots (powered by Artificial Intelligence) is no exception. A chatbot, is essentially a computer programme that responsively interacts with people in the form of human speech by using data and intelligence.
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brick-and-mortar store

The Future augurs well for Brick-and-Mortar

For the last few years, online-only retailers have flourished beyond belief. Brick-and-Mortar has taken a beating indeed, but the tides might have just started to turn. Brick-and-Mortar has been down, but certainly not out. It's not that customers suddenly are bored of shopping online or from their mobiles. It's just that, a huge plethora of
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Digital Displays – ‘The Retail Store of Tomorrow’

For quite some time till now and for a long time to come, an enhanced 'customer shopping experience' is what will be the main force driving conversions for retailers. In this highly influential online world, there is still enough room for offline retailers to make customers stand up and take notice. According to a survey
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social listening in retail

Social Listening – ‘Offering Assistance to the Modern Retailer’

The rapid and recurring advent of social media has enforced retailers to adopt to social listening. With more number of people flooding social media by the day and the diminishing effectiveness of traditional market surveys and data collection methods, retailers now understand the significance of resorting to social listening. Let's have a look at some
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Retail Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps – ‘An Essential Cog in the Retail Wheel’

The use of mobile applications among consumers is rising by the day. Retailers all around the globe are now recognizing the importance of having their own app for increased revenue generation and for good reason. The following statistics perfectly validates this statement.   According to a study, the typical app visitor spends around 201.8 minutes
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pop up stores

Pop Up Stores: Boosting Retail Revenue & Customer Experience

Pop Up Stores, also known as temporary retail or flash retail opens up a plethora of opportunities for retailers to generate buzz for their brand and boost revenue. Being short term sales places, pop up stores come with limited commitment and minimum costs. It's a handy way for retailers to discharge innovative & experiential marketing
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Customer Emotion Tracking- ‘A boon for the modern day Physical Store’

In this compulsive customer personalization age, technology continues to breathe life into the brick-and-mortar stores. Online retail may well be in the ascendency, but the scope of growth for offline retail and physical stores is huge. Technology is empowering this fact. If analysing big data has become a common phenomenon and deploying sensors appears to
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Click and Collect – ‘Learning from the UK Retailers’

Convenience is one of the primary factors that help enhance the modern day trend of customer personalization among retailers. The biggest drawbacks in home delivery include the cost of delivery from the retailer's perspective and inconvenient delivery times from the customer's perspective. All of that can now be put to rest. Gone are the days
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diwali india 2016

Diwali 2016 – ‘Indian Online Retail Forecast demands an Omnichannel Presence’

Offline Retailers – 'The Need for an Omnichannel Presence'   Traditional retailers over the last few years have understood the importance of an omnichannel presence. This is primarily for the purpose of retaining repeat customers and maintaining their loyalty towards a particular brand as brand loyalty has gone all haywire post the nation wide advent
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IoT – Changing the Retail Technology Landscape

Technology has already changed the retail landscape. Managers check inventory with hand-held electronic scanners. Consumers brandish their smart phone screens instead of handing over clipped coupons. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize the retail industry even further. From machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to printed electronics, the future of retail will offer smoother, faster, cleaner
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The Digital Age Customers

The rapid advent of internet technology in recent times has enormously impacted the consumer buying behavior patterns. The Internet of Things is now more than just a hype. It is one of the primary enforcers of retail business. It is the increased inclination of consumers around the world towards the internet and internet-enabled devices that
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IoT – The In-Thing among Top Retailers

The Internet of Things is a digital age technological marvel that is revolutionizing the customer-retailer relationship. The customer's inclination and dependency on the Internet have opened up new realms of business opportunities for the retail sector. With the primary objective being the enhancement of the customer's shopping experience, businesses can also simultaneously levitate their profit
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retail technology trends

Technology- the New Lease of Life for Retail

Today in the 21st century, technology has taken full effect over various domains in the business world including the Retail industry. Rapid advent in the field of mobile technology has opened up various avenues in the retail sector. Personalised Shopping experience of the customers is the main area of concern and with the huge advancement
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tickto tech partnership

Tickto Teams Up with Happiest Minds to Provide Cognitive and Connected Retail Experience

Tickto the provider of the IoT-based platform with the smart mobile enabled and cloud-based technology announced its strategic partnership with Happiest Minds Technologies, the next generation Digital Transformation Company.   Tickto delivers the omnichannel retail solution on the potential of Internet of Things, as data is culled from different social foot falls, location intelligence and
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big data in retail

Big Data Transforming Traditional Retail

The introduction of latest technology is transforming the retail providing the shoppers with a new line of in-store engagement, where retailers can predict shopping trend of the customers, when they are in the store and push promotional message depending on their daily needs. This innovative, personalized purchase has not only simplified the shopping scenario in
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Sharing Economy creeps into India’s Startup Business Scenario

Narendra Modi launches plans for Startups, and Sharing Economy is creeping into the economic scenario. Isn't it a surprising gift that ensures the success track for budding business owners in India?   India is on the cusp of entering a new era where the Millennials are intelligent consumers of any products and services offered online
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customer tracking technology

Behavioral Analytics: 5 Customer-Tracking Technologies

Even a few years before, retailers were facing a tough challenge when it came to analyzing customer store insight. To capture a better view of customer in-store behavior, several tracking technologies are being adopted by the retailers. This allows retailers to understand the traffic pattern into their store, empower in-store marketing, schedule store operation, manage
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beacon technology in hospitals

Beacon Technology Transforming Healthcare Unit

Beacon Technology appears in a list of vertical markets accompanied by a constant expansion of its usage. With countless possibilities to explore in the in retail, education, manufacturing, its use in healthcare units is comprehensive and revolutionary.   Some of the major challenges faced by the healthcare units, even today in India include-   Admission
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beacon mobile notifications

Promising Beacon Technology for Store Managers and Consumer

Beacon Technology is on its way to strengthen buyer-seller relationship and provide data to the retailers to improve the in-store experience for the shoppers.   For years, retailers considered Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to track the number of walk-ins at the store and customer behavior . But as that technology has reached its limits,
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Business Intelligence Retail

Business Intelligence: 7 Key Factors for its Successful Adoption

BI (Business Intelligence), can provide any business with the accurate information and analysis that will help it to spot and respond to diverse interests, priorities, and future prospects. BI intensifies the knowledge of the company's effectiveness and hence facilitate the company to be predictive in decision making.   For a better business growth, it is
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cloud technology retail

Cloud Technology: A New Game Changer of Retail World

Retail in-Store are aiming to increase their ROI at a substantial rate by the end of 2016.   Most of the retail sectors and small business units are looking at the huge potentiality of the cloud technology and using it for the market benefits. Retail sectors are using the Cloud Technology for approaching the prospects
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big data in retail

How Retail Giants are Changing Brick-and-Mortar with Big Data?

Big Data Analytics is an all new application trend in the global retail process. Big Data Analysis in the retail world is quite challenging which has underpinned the emergence of Retail Analytics. Working out on demand of the popular products, predicting the trends, forecasting the demand, price optimization, identification of customer's behavior, changing the traditional
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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics in 2016: Application in Retail Big Data

Big and small and medium enterprises (SME) in 2016 are using Retail Analytics to drive sales and provide an excellent customer support service to its patrons. This need increase with the growing size of the super competitive market and customer's access to unlimited data sources. So, now the prime target of the market is to
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Tickto iBeacon Technology: Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds

Tickto iBeacon Technology: Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds (An Infographic Presentation)! Beacons have the potential to change the definition of our daily lives as they seamlessly connect digital to physical experiences. There are already over 700 million existing iBeacons in the form of Smartphones, 82% of smartphones users turn to their phones to influence a
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IoT in healthcare

Benefits of Implementing IoT in Healthcare – a Sneak Peak

The prospective benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) are almost immeasurable and IoT in healthcare applications are altering the method we work and live by saving quality time and resources and also by creating new means for growth, improvement and knowledge creation. The commercialization of the healthcare industry is mounting with such a pace that
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proximity marketing

Boost Your Retail Store’s Customer Experience with Proximity Marketing

Traditional physical stores are finally getting the required technology boost to meet the changing demands of modern-day smartphone using customers. Even when tech-savvy shoppers are looking for products in a physical store, on-the-fly data is extremely significant for pampering your buyers with a custom shopping experience. Customers need to know exactly what personalized retail offers
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Customer Loyalty

Build a Powerful Customer Loyalty for Your Retail Store

Today, when competition is highly aggressive, one of the primary goals of all Brick-and-Mortar Retailers is building customer loyalty. That’s because it is easier to retain your existing customers than obtaining new ones. What is customer loyalty? How retailers can build it? In the ever-evolving competitive world of retail, the importance of evaluating in-store performance
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internet of things

7 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make a BIG Difference to Retail

Retail has become convenient for all of us. Yes, when it comes to the experience of Shopping in Retail stores, it has become unbelievably simple and easy. It is not only easy, but also become incredibly networked as well as extremely accessible. Consequently, the relationship between retail storeowners and customers are getting better, and all
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