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Blockchain Technology – Taking Healthcare to Level-next

Blockchain technology has definitely emerged as a big break-through impacting several industries. Healthcare is no different really. The scope of Blockchain in healthcare is massive and wide-scale adoption of the technology has already started across the globe. The amount of data involved in healthcare is quite overwhelming. The primary task is to share this data in a way that is highly secure. Data sharing between service providers increases the chances of accurate diagnosis of diseases, ensure effective treatments, and provide cost-efficient care. With Blockchain technology, various stakeholders can share access to their networks, but at the same time uphold the overall levels of data integrity and security.

blockchain in healthcare

Instilling a sense of security in the healthcare system

When information is shared between various entities, the primary area of concern is that of security. The line of communication is usually extensive and information can be entered anywhere in the line. The other obvious complication arises when different vendors have separate versions of the same patient data, completely invalidated. This leads to increase in error and inconsistency. Apart from this, insecurity also stems from several other reasons such as data tampering and security breaches. The ever-recurring concern with regards to hacks is always there. Blockchain technology has the potential to put all these concerns to rest for good. Blockchains are cryptographically secure and digital signatures that is unique to every person is used to authenticate the data.


<h2 style="margin-bottom:20px;text-align:left;font-size: 24px;" "=""> Enable Interoperability to maximize the potential of medical data


There is always room for digital disruption in any sector, and with healthcare it’s no different. Interoperability is something that is very necessary if the potential of medical data has to be fully utilized. There has been a considerable rise in the use of wearable and internet of things devices.  Because they are interconnected and their data flow harnessed, firm security levels is required and should be made readily accessible to healthcare professionals. These are definitely challenges that can easily be neutralised with Blockchain technology.    

The Perfect Solution for tracking Pharmaceuticals

Blockchain technology is also the perfect solution for tracing pharmaceuticals as it elevates the trust level through heavy consensus and immutability in supply chain. Companies and distributors across the globe share the common endeavour of improving supply chain security and traceability. Blockchain technology plays an essential role in achieving the same. When it comes to the drug supply chain, there are a few vulnerabilities present, especially at points where drugs transfer ownership on their way to patients. Both manufacturers and other stakeholders have negligible visibility to track the authenticity of products. This is where Blockchain plays a significant role. It can provide barcode-tagged drugs scanned and entered into digital blocks which are highly secure, whenever there is change of hands. This record is completely real-time in nature, and all authorised parties including patients can view these records anytime at the far end of the supply chain.

Blockchain technology is certainly one for the longest future. The kind of potential it has to bring tangible benefits to the healthcare sector is truly massive.

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