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Beacon Technology Transforming Healthcare Unit

Beacon Technology appears in a list of vertical markets accompanied by a constant expansion of its usage. With countless possibilities to explore in the in retail, education, manufacturing, its use in healthcare units is comprehensive and revolutionary.


Some of the major challenges faced by the healthcare units, even today in India include-


  • Admission Issues in Emergency units

  • Unmanageable patient load which leads to long wait time of the patients even with prior appointment.

  • Over or under dosage of medicines by the fresher nurses due to lack of information.

  • Unnecessary rejection of mediclaims etc.

In healthcare units, mobile technologies provide solutions with associated technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Beacons. Be its patients, or health care providers, mobile healthcare technology has become an indispensable part of the hyper-connected world of the century, with physicians and patients alike are prolific mobile adopters.


Geo-Location technologies driven by mobile are fast gaining importance in healthcare and can be used to monitor a host of functions that includes keeping tabs on devices, assets, and patients.


Tickto technology one of the most efficient and effective solutions that can be deployed in the healthcare units today for a wide range of location-based applications.


beacon technology in hospitals

Beacon Technology, when embraced by these units, can resolve countless healthcare issues which are referred below.




Medical units use beacon technology to customize health data based on the requirement of an individual patient. It can be modified by the current information updates too. Such patient customization enables one to one conversation (patient to doctor) that are quite relevant and promise right time delivery.


Electronic Health Records


Beacon technology is used by the health centers to enable doctors and patients to receive real-time information based on geographic location.


Let us take an example – when a patient or his family member is waiting for a medical checkup after a medical test, his latest medical test records can directly be sent to his/her mobile for further discussion with the doctor.


A second example –


Beacon installed near patient bed can send auto notification on specific medical history and/or records directly to the designated doctor and other relevant hospital staff via mobile phone.


Indoor Navigation Systems


Healthcare centers are growing with innumerable healthcare facilities and multi-speciality units. Beacon technology helps greatly with indoor maps and navigation. The technology thus, in turn, minimizes the cost of signage, direction boards, physical direction maps.


Integrate Wearable Technology


Wearable tech devices like wrist bands, glass, watches and even jewelries can be synced by the technology. Hospital applications can be geared with the technology to deliver contextual and hyper-local content to users.


Streamline Healthcare Operations


Tickto installed in the medical units automate internal operations of the healthcare units. The technology is often used by the management to serve multiple purposes –


  • Automation of internal operation of the units.

  • Generate auto notification about the daily duties of the staff on their mobile when they reach the center.

  • Patient information such as medication requirement, emergency duties can be pushed on their linked devices.

  • Auto-Login of the hospital staffs, nurses and doctors as they enter the hospital.

Data and Analytics


Beacon technology is used to collect patient information that is contextual to patient information – situational, emotions, individual choice and preferences. These are used by the management to provide recommendation and eventually a better service to the registered patients.


Beacon technology comes with numerous ways to benefit hospital environment that transforms the healthcare unit for better. Time saved due to the adoption of beacon technology can be a life saver for the patient.

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