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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Prospective Future Beckons

Artificial intelligence in healthcare has already made rapid strides with regards to contributing to the innovation and automation aspects. The future holds even stronger potential as AI looks to completely alter the face of modern healthcare. Today the role of Artificial Intelligence is kind of constricted. For instance, technologies such as advanced data analytics tools enable medical practitioners to diagnose various minor complications and diseases of individuals in advance, thereby ensuring that the individual doesn’t have to visit the doctor’s chamber. Artificial intelligence has the power to understand patterns of diseases and their respective diagnosis, and hence can provide preventive and curative measures well in advance. But this ability of AI is all set to multiply into something more substantial and progressive.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – A Prospective Future Beckons

AI-integrated Robots and Nursing Tools

AI’s power and ability to understand patterns and suggest preventive measures will continue to grow and reach new heights in the future. Talk about automation, robots are ones for the future in operation theatres. Robots powered by artificial intelligence will help in augmenting the human role of surgeons like never before, thus taking healthcare automation to the next level. As per estimations provided by Accenture, robots potentially can muster a total value of US $40 billion annually for the healthcare industry of the US by the year 2026. This will not only contribute to the overall human-efficiency levels, but also help reduce complications and errors, thus leading to shorter hospital stays.

Another area where AI is all set to make a massive difference in healthcare is in nursing tools. AI-assisted nursing tools, as per another estimation by Accenture, will generate around US $20 billion in value annually by 2026. Nursing efficiency will finally reach unprecedented levels, which will help deliver clinical precision and proper care. An estimation by McKinsey states that the AI-assisted tools carrying out all the routine nursing functions has the potential to boost nursing productivity between 30% – 50%. China too is all set to make a high adoption of AI-integrated technologies. As per a research from Forrester, around 20% of large health industry organisations in China will look to adopt smart nursing technologies and about 17% intend to adopt medical robots over the next three years.

AI to provide complete advancement in medical diagnostics

One of the things that will surely drive the advancement of medical diagnostics rapidly is that of image recognition technology. The Artificial intelligence techniques can reveal details such as MRI and other scans by sifting through data sets that are extremely large, and aid the overall diagnosis. As per the prediction by Global Market Insights, the medical imaging and diagnosis segment of the AI healthcare market across the world is all set to grow by an average of 40% every year till 2024.

Genome Sequencing is another aspect that will making rapid advancements. Medical Science Labs are getting better and more technologically equipped by the day. Artificial intelligence will allow science labs to better understand the genetic causes of diseases and how to design therapies more accurately in order to treat them. Technology giants such as Google are already investing on developing various AI techniques that can easily analyse huge sets of sequence data with a great degree of precision. The advancement of genome sequencing is all set to take a major leap in the coming years, assisting patients and doctors alike.

With regards to the future, the role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare truly holds enormous prospects.

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