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Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Artificial Intelligence is definitely transforming the modern-day conception of healthcare delivery. It comprises of a plethora of technologies that enables machines to sense, comprehend and deploy intelligence, that enhances the overall clinical, operational, and administrative efficiency. From health diagnosis to medical imaging to risk analysis, Artificial Intelligence can indeed augment healthcare possibilities.


An explosive growth on the cards

Artificial Intelligence can be considered a synonym for growth in healthcare today and for the time to come. AI is the answer to a lot of healthcare requirements as it helps in dealing with the turbulence of rising labour costs, soaring digital expectations of consumers, among various other challenges. Data explosion in combination with analytics is putting together smarter systems, presenting opportunities in various areas. It’s fair to say that AI is sky-rocketing in terms of popularity. As per an analysis by Accenture, the AI health market is expected to reach US $ 6.6 billion by 2021, with a CAGR of 40%.


(Image Courtesy: Accenture)

As per another analysis by Accenture, various artificial intelligence health applications when combined, has the potential to create annual savings worth US $ 150 billion for the United States healthcare economy by the year 2026. With regards to value potential, Robot Assisted Surgery and Virtual Nursing Assistants applications firmly hold the top two spot with US $40 billion and $20 billion respectively. Administrative workflow assistant capabilities are at number three accounting for $18 billion. Here is a look at the complete list of applications and their potential value.

(Image Courtesy: Accenture)

Encouraging Healthcare Interactions by Enhancing Customer Experience

One of the major bottlenecks in healthcare organizations is the fact that people are often subject to discouraging interactions for a variety of reasons. Most of the times, the people don’t know what information is available and what isn’t, unsure where to look for information, and feel that personalized guidance is not available outside the doctor’s office. Artificial Intelligence ensures that the technology gets smarter, simpler and interfaces become more readily usable for the consumers. This enhances the overall customer experience. As systems keep getting more intelligent, they will learn more about their consumers, their medical history, the procedures performed by them over a period of time, lifestyle traits, etc. and will be in a more equipped position to provide personalized experiences.

In today’s fast-paced environment, consumers feed off easily accessible and personalized information. For healthcare organizations, the crux well and truly lies in providing information that are highly relevant, contextualized, and tailor made for every individual. Artificial Intelligence can surely power that with consistency in the years to come.

More the data, More Intelligent it gets

AI has been doing the rounds in the healthcare technology sphere for quite some time now. Today, it is more intuitive than yesteryears and is way better suited to readily aid clinicians. Capturing interactions has become simpler as interfaces now are highly conversational. The truth is – the more data AI absorbs, the smarter and intelligent it gets. Thus, more the data that it keeps receiving through personal devices, IoT solutions, EMR, etc. the better will be the clinician’s ability to provide predictive recommendations to the consumers. For instance – more the data involved, the more accurate the recommendations that can be made like the right diet to be followed, symptoms of a disease, prevention of a chronic disease, etc.

Artificial Intelligence allow providers to add value to the overall patient experience, which is very important in today’s day and age. Going ahead, interaction will only improve as technology gets more embedded in our environment, and the thirst for digital experiences keep soaring.

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