We are humbled and excited to have attracted world-class gurus, technologists, creatives and non-conformists from all over the globe. We’re busy working really hard on everything from photonics and optics, to hardware, user interface design, content creation, software, electronics, audio, and much, much more. All to make magic real for you.


Ajay Hirawatt

Ajay is test automation expert with a strong programming background. His inherent knack of understanding business issues and solving them, has earned him accolades from friends and clients. He is an avid traveler. Travelling helps him to connect with different people and helps him to understand their culture and lifestyle.


Agnish Barman

Agnish develops a strong passion for Android Applications. He is sincere and devoted employee of our company. He welcomes challenges that moves technology further. He loves all outdoor games but is involved in basketball.


Pratima Mondal

Pratima is a full stack JAVA software developer who is passionate to write front-end and dreams about backend and the other way around on the other. She is an undisputed Kite Fighter always ready to accept challenges to win the sky battle. Her work efficiency reflects her determination and diligence.


Nitin Sharma

With nearly a decades of financial, operational and business development experience under his belt, Nitin holds Tickto’s fort in all aspects of of financial management, including budgeting, accounting, forecasting and etc. He is a movie buff and often can be found in the movie halls updating himself with the all the new movies.


Partha Mullick

Partha spends his time on designing products focusing on the design language, the cohesion of brand promise, a multi-disciplined design strategy involving user behavior studies and technological trend analysis. He’s deep interest in creating illustrated and educational board games led him to create more than 50 entertaining board games for all ages in his spare time.


Rajat Subhra Dey

Rajat is specialized in native Android apps. He creates apps using user context to ensure magical experience. He is a remix music composer and intense admirer of old music. He owns an appreciable collection of rare Vinyl.


Sasmita Mahapatra

Sasmita has developed various types of Android Applications and custom firmware for Android devices. Her creative bend of mind finds great pleasure to create music and she sings traditional Indian Folk songs.


Priyanka Roy Sengupta

Priyanka’s focus on improving the wellbeing of talent has helped Tickto to build one of the highly engaged and high-performance cultures. She is a strategic leader for all aspects of Human Resources for Tickto, including employee relations, training, recruitment, compensation, wellness, and employee benefits. Outside of work, she is a foodie; enjoys cooking and experimenting with diverse foods/dishes especially, traditional Indian and Chinese.


Diganta Dutta

Condemned to be a JAVA developer by his own nature, Diganta prefers coding to talking, remarkably so when using new technologies. He is passionate about science linked to technology. If not occupied by thinking about perfect coding idioms, he sips coffee and like watching horror TV series.


Sourav Banerjee

Sourav is a mixtrue of very uncomon human traits, an artist, a photographer whose thought process revolves around UI/UX, human machine interaction theories, at the same time indulges himself in his obsession for tech-gadgets. He is the first one to try a new service in town. He loves Trekking and takes time off to wander in the wilderness, which gives him a lot of impetus to create out-of-the box solutions.


Mukti Pada De

Passionate JAVA tester having over 6 years of experience in software development - JAVA J2EE. He is involved in agile software development practices with the focus on quality assurance. Mukti loves spending time with less fortunate children, during the weekends he conducts games in local orphanages.


Ramendra Nath Sampad

Ramen host Linux Administration operation in Cloud Platform. He maintains server, and configure Magento, Wordpress etc. He loves soccer and plays as central-forward. He is a supporter of Real Madrid and enjoys learning new moves from Cristiano Ronaldo.