Tickto: Defining Intelligent Marketing

Meet Tickto, a product with the built-in capacity to sense, react and communicate through context-aware computing and analytic data services. Tickto is not an ordinary platform to simplify digital payment but offers an altogether new retail experience, aimed at improving customer experience along with empowerment for the merchant with better marketing capabilities.

The Tickto Uniqueness

Tickto's micro-location platform is one-of-a-kind as it comprehensively offers every tool required for measuring, analyzing and optimizing every single aspect of the store, including marketing, human resources, loyalty measurement, and operations management.

  • Tickto fetches in data from different store sensors, at different locations
  • Receive 360⁰ view of your store profile through highly detailed and accurate analytical insight
  • Tickto lets you analyze your investment in different aspects of store management only to guarantee adequate ROI
  • Experience significantly improved customer engagement real-time through our in-app mobile campaigns

Achieve Results With Tickto

Obtain Customers

Seamlessly planned campaigns may not be adequate to quantify all new customers. Tickto's unique technology adds offline attribution to your campaigns and lets you accurately quantify the lifetime value of customers.

Loyalty Building

Tickto allows you to measure the increase in customer loyalty and how much impact your promotional campaigns have created for those, who haven't been directly included in the loyalty program.

Store Performance Improvement

Performance margin improvement is a must but flaw in big-data management doesn't let you measure the effects on overall sales. Tickto comprehensively lets you view stores' performance metric.

Boost Revenue

Influence customers' in-store decision making real-time with Tickto's micro-location marketing and boost revenue significantly.