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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Artificial intelligence in healthcare and its’ potential to truly transform the industry is now well-known to all organisations and businesses globally. With hardware improvements and more advanced algorithms, it just gets better every day, so much so, that it can easily learn, predict, and advise based on huge amounts of data today. The potential of
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The potential of Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

All the major healthcare players across the globe are trying to embrace digital innovation, and one can’t help but think that Blockchain technology has quite a role to play. Blockchain technology has definitely emerged as a big break-through impacting several industries. Healthcare is no different really. The scope of Blockchain in healthcare is massive and
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The Power of Blockchain Technology

There is no denying the bulk of data that is available in healthcare today. Data analytics and machine learning in healthcare is what allows the derivation of meaningful insights from this available bulk of data. When it comes to determining the effectiveness of machine learning, it has to be understood that more the data, better
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Tickto’s E-prescription Application – Enhancing health outcomes with Deep Intelligence and Predictive Analytics