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Monthly Archives: April 2017

As the years have rolled on, customers have slowly but surely grown less reluctant to share their personal details online. The emphasis for them was being able to receive personalized offers. As a result, brands and retailers have also been able to improvise with their retail marketing initiatives. Amidst all of this, there has always
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personal data sharing

In this ever-changing retail environment coupled with soaring customer expectations, the implementation of fruitful strategies will be the key for retailers. Through their retail operations, retailers will look to provide the best they can to meet all customer needs and demands. The objective for all retailers is quite similar – increase revenue by expediting sales
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retail pricing strategy

The apparel sector might be a fast-growing e-commerce category, but brick-and-mortar stores play a vital role as well. Apparel shoppers make the optimum use of the integration of the online-offline stores as it offers the maximum convenience to them. As retailers look to achieve customer loyalty, they should know providing an omnichannel experience to customers
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omnichannel integration in retail

Whether it’s discount stores, supermarkets, or shopping malls, the primary objective of retailers is to enhance the in-store experience of the customers. However, they should always keep in mind that the retail operations that they undertake should not hamper the environment around. Retailers should look to adopt sustainable methods of business practices to ensure that
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Sustainable Retail

With the Internet of Things in Retail gaining more traction by the passing day, the boundaries of technological innovation appear to be limitless. The primary focus of retailers is to simplify and enhance the shopping experience of customers. For ensuring this, they must look to make themselves available to the customers on every possible platform
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voice technology

For retailers, data is everything today. From customer analytics and inventory management to providing personalized offers and attaining customer loyalty, it serves all purposes. The primary aim of retailers is to attain higher revenue and provide the best possible experience to the customers. Today, data is leveraged for maximum outcome by many retailers. For this
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data management